Chasten Buttigieg tells Fox News to ‘go yell at an M&M’ for reporting on hubby’s failings

Facts surrounding Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s failings evidently left his other half, Chasten Buttigieg, miffed Friday as the activist vented his frustration at Fox News.

“Go yell at an M&M.”

Considering the secretary’s apparent ineffectual, and arguably non-existent, leadership at the Transportation Department, it would be understandable to learn Chasten had forgotten the public role that Pete was tasked by President Joe Biden to fulfill. After all, while the nation was in the throes of a worsening supply chain crisis where cargo ships were unable to offload freight and instead were left anchored offshore, the Buttigiegs were enjoying paternity leave with their newly adopted twins.

It was precisely that time from August to October 2021 that Fox News was reporting on, as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) found that the secretary had avoided requests for phone calls and public appearances while on leave.

Sharing the post from Fox News, Chasten tweeted, “This morning the twins helped pick [out] their sweaters, scooted down the stairs, ran to their chairs, and sat at the table eating scrambled eggs with forks. They said ‘bye bye dada’ on the way out the door. It’s been 17 months. You need new material. Go yell at an M&M.”

“When you take a job like mine, you understand and accept that you will have to be available 24/7 depending on what’s going on,” the secretary had said during an Oct. 2021 CNN interview. “You will have to engage. I did, even if that meant taking a phone call or making a decision from a hospital room. I am so thankful for the phenomenal work my colleagues at the Department of Transportation have done and are doing.”

However, as the FOIA request found, staffers were left covering for their boss during his leave with one email to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) pertaining to funding a bridge in Iowa earning the response, “Unfortunately, the Secretary is currently on leave due to the birth of his twins, and that may lead to a delay in possibly scheduling in the future.”

It’s worth noting that while the supply chain crisis was going on, Congress was also negotiating details of an infrastructure bill with which the Transportation Department was heavily involved. These points were boiled down to just another petty culture war by Chasten who was seemingly raising Mars, Incorporated’s recent move to celebrate “women who are flipping the status quo, transforming the world around them to make it a more colorful and welcoming place for all,” by featuring all female characters on an M&M’s package for the first time.

A Fox News panel on “Outnumbered” had torn into the marketing gimmick with Martha MacCallum saying, “I mean if this is what you need for validation — an M&M that is the color that you think is associated with feminism — then I’m worried about you. I think that makes China say, ‘Oh, good, keep focusing on that. Keep focusing on giving people their own color M&Ms while we take over all of the mineral deposits in the entire world.”

Chasten had previously been called out for his response to news that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been forced to leave a restaurant when protesters had gathered to harass him following the overturn of Roe v. Wade. He had tweeted at the time, “Sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions,” which led many to conclude as commentator Jason Rantz had, “Chasten Buttigieg thinks it’s okay to harass people at restaurants. If you harass him and Pete at a restaurant? It’s a hate crime.”

Another had asked, “Will it be OK to harass your husband when he makes decisions people don’t like?” and the answer, considering Chasten’s M&M dig at Fox News, was a resounding no.

While some took to pointing out that talking about the older problems might be better for the secretary considering the enormity of recent bungles like the massive volume of airline cancellations over the Christmas holiday and the complete grounding of all flights for the first time since 9/11 on Wednesday, others made sure to address the fact that these reports were only old news because, as The Federalist correspondent Tristan Justice said, “I am still waiting for @USDOT compliance with a FOIA request I filed more than 12 months ago on this subject.”

“@SecretaryPete doesn’t get to stonewall FOIAs for a year and then complain critics are focused on old news,” he went on.

Kevin Haggerty


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