RFK Jr. calls for elimination of electronic voting machines, Elon Musk agrees

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called for the elimination of electronic voting machines, a topic that like his criticism of vaccines, is guaranteed to make the establishment squirm.

Not one who shies away from bringing up topics deemed to be taboo by the corrupt media, the independent presidential candidate pointed to recent issues with elections in Puerto Rico to call for a return to paper ballot voting, a system that worked perfectly before the tech era.

Sharing an Associated Press story about the problems in the U.S. territory with machines running the Dominion Voting Systems software, the longshot candidate took to the X platform with his call to return to the longtime standard of paper ballots and a vow that if he was elected, his administration would go back to the future by restoring the old system.

“Puerto Rico’s primary elections just experienced hundreds of voting irregularities related to electronic voting machines, according to the Associated Press. Luckily, there was a paper trail so the problem was identified and vote tallies corrected,” Kennedy wrote, asking, “What happens in jurisdictions where there is no paper trail?

“US citizens need to know that every one of their votes were counted, and that their elections cannot be hacked. We need to return to paper ballots to avoid electronic interference with elections. My administration will require paper ballots and we will guarantee honest and fair elections,” RFK Jr. said.

According to the Associated Press report that he referred to: “More than 6,000 Dominion voting machines were used in Puerto Rico’s primaries, with the company stating that software issues stemmed from the digital files used to export results from the machines.”

“The concern is that we obviously have elections in November, and we must provide the (island) not only with the assurance that the machine produces a correct result, but also that the result it produces is the same one that is reported,” said Jessika Padilla, the interim president of Puerto Rico’s elections commission which said it’s “reviewing” its contract with the voting machine company.

One person of note who thought that getting rid of the machines is a good idea was billionaire SpaceX/Tesla CEO and X owner Elon Musk.

“We should eliminate electronic voting machines. The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high,” he said.

For some who are old enough remember the days when election results were known by the next morning, it’s hard to see how they could not be highly suspicious of a system that is much more technologically advanced but in some cases, the winner isn’t known for days or even weeks.

It’s hardly a system that instills confidence in the legitimacy of elections, especially this year.

Then there was Dilbert creator Scott Adams who has his own opinion about the machines and what they’re intended to do.

“What’s the point of voting machines? Does it make things more secure? No, it makes it less secure. Does it give you results faster? No, it does not. Does it reduce your cost? Obviously not, paper’s pretty cheap, and by the way, even when you’re using the voting machines, it still creates paper. You don’t even save paper in most cases,” Adams said on a recent edition of his podcast.

“So now tell me, given all of these complaints from Puerto Rico…you tell me why we have them?” Adams asked.

“I’ve never heard anybody explain the point of machines unless they’re designed for the purpose of throwing the election… It’s not faster, cheaper, or more reliable, so what’s the reason? Why am I the only person asking the f**king question?” Adams asked.

Chris Donaldson


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