Chicago resident blasts city leaders over migrant crisis: ‘Trump, come clean this mess up!”

Tensions boiled over at a recent Chicago City Council meeting where frustrated residents turned out to express their dissatisfaction with the city’s handling of the migrant crisis.

Like with other sanctuary cities controlled by Democrats, the concept of open borders isn’t quite as alluring to residents when busloads of mostly indigent illegal aliens begin showing up in their backyards and one elderly Chicagoan didn’t hold back when he had a chance to confront city officials.

George Blakemore, an 81-year-old activist who has become a local legend for attending every meeting that he could for the last four decades went off, calling for the migrants to be deported and calling for the reelection of former President Donald J. Trump, perhaps the only man in America with the will to clean things up.

“I am strictly advocating for black people. Call ICE on them,” Blakemore said at the December 14 meeting. “Trump, come in here and clean this mess up! The most corrupt city in the United States is the city of Chicago.”

“I am anti-illegal immigrant,” Blakemore also said. “Send them all back across the Rio Grande.”

“We are the only people in America who were enslaved. We didn’t come over waiting and looking for something. When we came we built this country, on free labor,” he yelled. “To see another group come over here – it’s disgraceful, it’s un-American.”

“What about the black children? The black workers? They compete with us,” he asked the politicians.

In the Windy City, it is the black population that has reportedly suffered the most as resources are redirected to keeping the illegals warm and happy during the bitterly cold winter when the bone-chilling winds waft in off of Lake Michigan.

In a video posted to social media that has been getting attention, two black men walked through an area where homeless people, including those who are military veterans, are being forced to endure the bitterly cold conditions while Mayor Brandon Johnson’s regime has spent tens of billions for heated tents for the migrants.

“How do you justify leaving the amount of people on the streets that are out here?” one of the men asks as he walks through rows of tents. “And you’re building tents, warm tents to house 2,000 illegals?”

A second man in the video states. “This is government oppression at its finest.”

“As a veteran myself, I just talked to a veteran in this tent right here,” he said, gesturing to one of the tents. “We’re seeing people who have given their all to their country and we just cast them out by the expressway with the trash.”

“Meanwhile, we have to follow every law,” he added. “We can’t go over the speed limit without getting a ticket sent to our house but people can violate federal law and we come out and roll out the welcome mat, give them our home equity, give them our sales taxes, they get the best of our schools. Meanwhile, something like 90 percent of black children are not reading, writing and doing math profiency, but they do it all under the guise of this fake diversity, equity and inclusion nonsense.”

“We just need to start voting differently,” he said. “We need to start pulling ourselves out of these government institutions, starting with the public school system and we need to move on from big government and from the city of Chicago’s political machine.”

“We gonna flip Chicago red,” the first man said. “The Democrat Party is done in Chicago!”

Chris Donaldson


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