Chilling video of man being stabbed to death randomly in front of his girlfriend while waiting for the bus

New York City’s violent crime resulted in the fatal stabbing of a social justice advocate as his girlfriend was left watching in horror: “Please, please, please!”

(Video: PIX11)

Monday morning in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, 32-year-old Ryan Carson and his girlfriend Claudia were said to have been making their way home from a wedding as they sat together at a bus stop around 4 a.m. It was there that surveillance footage obtained by the media showed what appeared to be an unprovoked attack unfolding that resulted in the death of the activist.

“What the f*ck are you looking at?” an unidentified suspect wearing a black Champion hoodie could be heard saying as he aggressively approached the couple.

The man in question had passed Carson and his girlfriend a moment earlier before they got up from their seat and headed off in the same direction. When the suspect approached the advocate, he could be heard shouting “I’ll kill you!” as Carson defensively put up his hand and encouraged “Chill! Chill!”

In seeking to avoid the knife-wielding assailant, the victim had moved to get away only to collide with the bench he and his girlfriend had been sitting on, at which point he was stabbed multiple times, including a wound to the heart, the New York Post reported.

Claudia’s frantic cries of “Please, please, please!” fell on deaf ears and after the attack the suspect headed away and an unidentified woman could be heard saying “Don’t hurt him!” and “I’m so sorry!”

Looking over her wounded boyfriend, Claudia could then be heard telling the unknown woman to “Go watch him” as she pointed toward the attacker.

First responders transported Carson to Kings County Hospital Center where he later died from his wounds.

Journalist Andy Ngô added to reporting on the fatal incident and captioned surveillance footage of the “radical leftist NYC activist Ryan Carson being confronted by a black male who stabbed him to death…The suspect remains at large. Carson became celebrated for his advocacy for more drug injection sites. He identified himself as a member of Antifa on his social media.”

Ngô went on to identify the girlfriend as Claudia Morales, “a cop-hating BLM activist. She was at a BLM riot in Boston in 2020, blaming police for violence when they tried to arrest rioters.”

The same day that Carson was stabbed to death, 39-year-old LGBTQ activist Josh Kruger, who mocked concerns over rising crime, was shot inside his home in Philadelphia.

Of the Gothamite, the advocate was known for having organized a walk from the city to Buffalo through his group No Overdose New York as part of a push for reforms.

“He’s really…like the epicenter of an entire community that he created, that he brought together,” roommate Tom Krantz told the Post.

“I don’t think anyone is exaggerating when they say he would give the shirt off his back,” he continued. “He was the guy that bent over backward time and time again to be there with his friends.”

In their own statement, his employer New York Public Interest Research Group said, “Ryan was a beloved staffer, colleague and friend, and a creative, talented, relentless and upbeat advocate for students and the environment.”

“His engaging personality, hearty laugh and wide-ranging intelligence were keys to his success in advancing the causes he deeply cared about in his work and personal life,” the statement went on. “Ryan was a consummate team player who would happily undertake the basic ‘blocking and tackling’ tasks necessary to advance and win on an issue, but also shined in the spotlight as a leader, campaign manager and spokesperson.”

Public figures who themselves have promoted leftist policies that have led to rampant crime commented on the death of Carson, including New York Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) who said, “Ryan Carson threw himself into everything he did with passion and humanity. I worked with him on a big townhall he hosted with NYPIRG and on the Inflation Reduction Act. A rising talent and an extraordinary activist. May his memory and work inspire us.”

Kevin Haggerty


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