Chris Hansen says migrant crime ‘not a hoax,’ cites ‘indebted’ illegals ‘pimping’ women for drug cartels

“Takedown” host Chris Hansen became a household name for exposing pedophiles caught up in police stings on the long-running show, “To Catch a Predator.”

With the Southern border thrown wide open, there are a lot more predators for Hansen to catch, despite what MSNBC’s snarky Jen Psaki and Rachel Maddow think of “migrant crime” concerns.

Migrant crime “is not a hoax,” Hansen told Fox News’s “Primetime” host, Jesse Watters.

Hansen’s latest project involved an undercover stint with Florida’s Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

The journalist spent a week with Judd and his deputies during a child predation and human-trafficking investigation, according to Fox News Digital.

“On the human-trafficking side, [there were] 228 people arrested in a week — 10% were illegal immigrant citizens from other countries,” Hansen told Watters.

Those encountered were “both” being trafficked and doing the trafficking, he said.

“In one case… which you’ll see this coming up on True Blue [network], we have two women coming into a hotel room, all on hidden camera being recorded,” Hansen said. “They cut a deal [for] sex with the undercover.”

“Two women — $1,300,” he explained. “And later, after the arrest, they told investigators they had to earn $3,000 a week to pay the people who smuggle them into this country.”

“So, they’re indebted to the cartels who have trafficked them, and then they pay off that debt through a life of crime in the United States,” Watters summarized.

“That’s the only way they can make this money,” Hansen affirmed. “And they are forced into it.”

Three Venezuelan nationals were arrested during the sting, he recalled: “One man, who was pimping these women out, and the two victims of human trafficking.”

While he acknowledges that “overall crime” may be down in the cities where the migrants are heading, as Democrats have been insisting, he noted cases of “horrific crimes” involving illegal migrants, such as the brutal murder of Laken Riley in Georgia, allegedly at the hands of an illegal Venezuelan migrant.

“You have to remember,” Hansen said, “that, in the last year, stats will show 79,000 illegal immigrants came into this country with criminal histories.”

“But each one of those, on average, has committed at least four crimes, according to the statistics,” he said. “And these are all verified. So, suddenly 79,000 turns into 300,000.”

Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and the Immigration & Naturalization Service want to put an end to the crisis, Hansen said, but progressive policies in so-called “sanctuary cities” prevent them from doing so.

To make matters worse, he said, one sheriff of an Arizona border county told him that he sees as many as 250 children crossing the border every day who are then “lost” in the nation’s interior.

“They disappear,” Hansen said. “What happens to those kids?”

Melissa Fine


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