In quick post-SOTU gaffe, Biden says ‘we shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine’

The latest gaffe from the president had social media buzzing that he told “the truth on accident” about America’s involvement in Ukraine.

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign may be trying to sell the leftist leader as a spry senior, but a series of public appearances likely had aides scrambling to send him back to the basement. After his politically charged State of the Union and a blunder-full speech in Pennsylvania, the commander-in-chief kicked at the hornet’s nest of his two-front geopolitical disaster as he confused Ukraine with the Middle East.

During the same MSNBC interview on “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart” where he apologized for referring to the illegal alien alleged to have killed nursing student Laken Riley as an “illegal,” Biden bungled his conflicts when questioned on the Israel-Hamas war.

“The first time I went over, I sat with them, and I sat with the War Cabinet,” he told the host referencing a trip to Israel, “I said look, don’t make the mistake America made.”

“America made a mistake, we went after bin Laden ’til we got him. But we shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine. I mean…we shouldn’t have gone into, um, the whole thing in Iraq and Afghanistan; wasn’t necessary. Wasn’t necessary. And it’s caused more problems than erased…than it cured,” contended the president.

Prompting Biden’s response, Capehart had asked, “What is your red line with [Israeli] Prime Minister Netanyahu? Do you have a red line? For instance, would the invasion of Rafah, which you have urged him not to do, would that be a red line?”

Radical Hamas sympathizers among the Democrats, like Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, have continually pressured the administration toward a ceasefire, a position recently promoted as Biden expanded efforts toward directing humanitarian aid into Gaza despite expectations it would end up in the hands of the terrorists responsible for the Oct. 7 attacks.

Having announced plans for the U.S. military to construct a temporary pier toward that end at the State of the Union, the president was heard on a hot mic after his address recounting how he’d been pressuring Netanyahu in what some considered an antisemitic manner, “I told him, ‘Bibi’ — don’t repeat this — ‘you and I are going to have a come to Jesus moment.'”

While the two-state solution-peddling Biden went on to assert there were “red lines” regarding Israel’s decision-making on how best to continue their counteroffensive against the Islamists who had invaded and brutally raped, mutilated and slaughter hundreds of men, women and children, viewers were mixed on whether the gaffe was a Freudian slip or just the latest senior moment.

“I love when Biden tells the truth on accident every once in a while,” wrote one user as others shared reminders that then-Delaware Sen. Biden had been a leading voice promoting America’s actions in Iraq and Afghanistan after Sept. 11.

Kevin Haggerty


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