Chuck Todd helps Dems face harsh new reality: Poll shows Biden ‘no longer seen as competent’

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating is now further in the basement that the president was while campaigning for office and he seems to be losing some of his biggest supporters, aka the media.

MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd cited a new NBC News Poll to say that Biden‘s presidency is in need of “a reset because he’s lost his identity a bit.”

“He’s no longer seen as competent and effective, he’s no longer seen as a good commander in chief or — perhaps most damaging — as easygoing and likable,” Todd said. “In fact, just 5 percent of adults say Mr. Biden has performed better than expected as president — one of the many lowest, firsts and fewests in our poll.”

Casting an eye on the midterms, Todd said Biden’s approval rating spells bad news for the Democratic Party.

“If you look at history, history shows that kind of presidential approval rating leads to a shellacking for the party in power,” he said.

This being the first of three times he uses the term “shellacking.” As for the mood of the nation, Todd said the polling shows that 72 percent of respondents believe the “nation is on the wrong track.” He stressed that this is the second poll in a row where “we’ve been over 70%.”

“This is only the third time in our poll’s history over 30 years where we’ve had two tracks that off,” he explained. “That again would put you in shellacking territory for the party in power.”

After pointing out that the poll results show a “dead heat” over which party should control Congress, Todd again expressed a dismal outlook for Democrats.

“As you can see, two of our three most important indexes is sitting in shellacking territory right now for the Democrats. This is a dangerous place for the party and the president to be at the one-year mark of this presidency.”

Various clips of Georgia voters commenting on the current state of affairs is played, with one woman saying “The whole world is just — it’s a mess.”

Others voice discontent with all the division and polarization in America.

“I wish we could just shut up and, like, agree and listen to each other,” on man says.

“Asked to describe America in their own words in our NBC News poll, voters used the words ‘divided,’ ‘negative,’ ‘lost,’ ‘bad’ and ‘downhill,’” Todd said in a voice over.

A clip of Biden essentially blaming it all on the COVID-19 pandemic is then played, and saying he does not believe what the polls are saying — yes, on NBC.

“President Biden is walking a tightrope. In addition to flagging enthusiasm in the base, he faces eroding support among independents,” Todd said, going on to report that the economy is a top issue, with one voter expressing concern over inflation and supply chain issues that have been plaguing the country.

“Republicans have a 33-point advantage, driven by gains among independents,” Todd added. “While job creation is up and the unemployment rate is down, 61% say their family income is falling behind the cost of living.”

“It’s almost $400 just to go to the grocery store for three people. I mean, that’s insane,” a female voter stated.

Todd concluded, “70% say America has become so polarized that the federal government can no longer solve the major issues facing this country. That is up a whopping 34 points from a decade ago. Just 24% say Biden has done a good job uniting the country.”

Tom Tillison


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