Dem official claims she was told not to tweet about NYPD cops being shot, tweets about garden instead

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Newly elected and intolerably woke New York City Council member Kristin Richardson Jordan is under fire for ignoring Friday night’s ambush shooting in her Harlem district that left one rookie cop dead and another officer clinging to life.

NYPD officers, Wilbert Mora, 27, and Jason Rivera, 22, were shot while responding to a domestic disturbance, with Rivera being killed and Mora fighting for his life in a local hospital. The suspect, Lashawn McNeil, who has an extensive criminal record, and was on probation, was shot in the arm and head by a third officer on the scene. McNeil survived these injuries and went into surgery at Harlem Hospital.

After two hours of silence following the tragic event, Jordan, a Democratic socialist who called the NYPD “the biggest gang in NYC” upon taking office, chose instead to tweet about the closure of a community garden.

When nudged about her silence on the shooting, Jordan responded:

The cryptic response was immediately met with staunch criticism from angry skeptics:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had no trouble tweeting about the police officers being shot, as the new mayor essentially put the onus on Congress.

“This isn’t just an attack on the NYPD. It’s an attack on New York City,” he tweeted. “There are no gun manufacturers in our city. How are we removing thousands of guns off our streets and somehow they still find their way into the hands of killers?  We need Washington to act now to stop the flow of weapons into our cities.”

As a vocal member of the political pols on the City Council who support defunding the police at a time when murders and other serious crimes are spiking across the Big Apple, Jordan’s lack of empathy for the slain officers should hardly come as a surprise.

As a candidate for the office she now holds, she made her position crystal clear:

But her callous comments calling the NYPD the city’s biggest gang took her disdain to another antagonizing level, ensuring controversy follow her from the moment she stepped into her spot on the City Council.

Given recent events, New Yorkers are left waiting to see if Jordan will change her divisive tune.

Melissa Fine


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