CNN legal analyst admits ‘political’ Jack Smith wants to convict Trump BEFORE the election

Underhanded Special Counsel Jack Smith’s move to leapfrog the appellate process by taking his ginned-up case against GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump to the Supreme Court is so steeped in politics that even CNN is admitting it.

While his activist colleagues cheered the surprise gambit by the Justice Department’s ruthless legal assassin, the more reasoned CNN Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig acknowledged that the lightning-fast speed with which Smith is proceeding to take out Joe Biden’s opponent before the election “crosses the line” into politics, seeming to confirm Trump’s insistence that it’s all about election interference.

Honig discussed the latest developments in the J6 kangaroo court case during an appearance on Saturday’s edition of “Smerconish” with the show’s namesake and host Michael Smerconish.

(Video: CNN)

“Do you agree with me that Smith and Judge Chutkan are acting based on the election schedule?” Smerconish asked, referring to rabidly partisan Barack Obama appointee who is presiding over the trial that will be decided by a jury pulled from an area that overwhelmingly despises Trump.

Honig answered, “I do agree with you Michael, and I think any fair-minded observer has to agree with that as well. Just look at Jack Smith’s conduct in this case. The motivating principle behind every procedural request he’s made has been speed, has been getting this trial in before the election.”

After listing the examples of Smith’s moves to ramrod the case through the system, and providing some cover for the DOJ by citing rules regarding conduct that could “impact” an election, he later acknowledged that the government’s Trump slayer is acting politically.

“First of all, if Jack Smith is trying to get this case tried before the election, and he clearly is, look that is political,” the legal analyst stated. “The counterargument would be, ‘Well, Jack Smith just wants the American voters to have a resolution before they go to the ballot box,’ and I understand that. As a voter, I would like to know.

“But here’s the problem with that argument, Michael,” he continued. “Jack Smith doesn’t just want to get this trial done and let the chips fall where they may and let the consequences be what they can be. He’s the prosecutor. He believes this case. He wants this case to result in conviction and so his position isn’t just, well, I want this case tried before the election. His position really is I want Donald Trump convicted before the election.”

“I have no problem with the first part of that,” Honig said. “It’s his job to want and try to convict Donald Trump now that he’s indicted. But the second part of that, before the election, that’s where it crosses the line to the political, in my view.”

The target reacted after Smith’s going to the SCOTUS on the question of presidential immunity before the appeals court has ruled.

“So Deranged Jack Smith, the Biden appointed “nut job” prosecutor with a big record of loses because he goes too far, wants to RUSH,RUSH,RUSH to the Supreme Court on the important matter of Presidential Immunity, something which is so basic to America that it should be automatic,” Trump wrote on Truth Social,

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“He doesn’t want to go to our Highest Court with a loss, or negative opinion, but what he does want to do is INTERFERE WITH THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2024, hoping to damage Biden’s POLITICAL OPPONENT,” he added. In other words he want to CHEAT, because if they really wanted SPEED, they would have brought this ridiculous lawsuit 3 years ago, and it would be long ago over. But no, they Waited, and Waited, and Waited, and brought it right in the middle of my Presidential Campaign – THE DEFINITION OF ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!”

With poll after poll showing Trump flogging Biden, the speed with which Smith moves could be the deciding faction in the election months before the voters have a chance to participate in that hallowed “democracy” that Democrats love to pontificate endlessly about.

Chris Donaldson


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