CNN poll shows supermajority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border

The illegal alien issue has blown up in the faces of Democrats with a new poll showing that a supermajority of Americans isn’t down with President Joe Biden’s handling of the border crisis.

According to a new CNN poll, a whopping 70 percent disapprove of how Biden is dealing with immigration with a mere 30 percent approving, a bad sign for the incumbent who wants to make the election all about “democracy” and demonizing GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump who is running on border control.

In a classic example of putting lipstick on a pig, CNN political director David Chalian broke down the horrid numbers, spinning them as being better than last year despite their being evidence of a lasting, deep public dissatisfaction with Biden who is completely underwater when it comes to immigration.

(Video: CNN)

“Immigration continues to be a stubbornly low approval number for him,” Chalian said, noting the shift in public opinion from before Biden took over and rolled out the welcome mat for millions of unskilled and impoverished freeloaders.

According to CNN, “Biden’s lowest issue approval rating in the poll comes on his handling of immigration, with just 30% of Americans approving. That number reflects heightened concerns about the state of affairs at the US-Mexico border. Asked whether or not the current situation at the border is a crisis, 79% of Americans – including majorities across party lines – say that it is, matching the elevated level of concern last seen in April 2021.”

“And the poll also finds a rise in hardline immigration sentiments. In multiple polls taken during Donald Trump’s presidency, the overwhelming majority of Americans said they favored developing a plan to allow some undocumented immigrants living in the US to become legal residents; in 2019, 15% or fewer said that the government should instead make it a priority to deport all people living in the US illegally,” CNN states. “The share favoring mass deportations, while still a minority, has now roughly doubled to 31%. A 54% majority of Republicans now say the US should prioritize deportation, up from 32% who felt that way in 2019.”

Biden’s dismal numbers come at a time when Democrat mayors and governors are melting down over the relocation of the illegals to their areas where they have stressed the ability to feed and house them, draining off precious resources from local programs and angering residents.

The illegal alien invasion has also resulted in increased crime in some areas, especially in deep blue New York City where a pack of migrant thugs was caught on video as they assaulted two NYPD cops this week, sparking outrage.

Even more outrageous was the release of the group of thugs without bail. One of them was caught flipping off the TV cameras with both fingers as he was put back out on the streets, providing a picture that could long be the defining image of the Biden administration’s open borders policies.

Trump has vowed to undertake the largest deportation effort in the nation’s history if elected, a winning issue if CNN’s polls are to be believed.

Chris Donaldson


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