CNN’s Tapper insists that Trump mocked Biden’s ‘stutter’

You can always count on CNN anchor Jake Tapper to cover the important topics, like whether Donald Trump has mocked President Joe Biden’s stutter.

The geriatric 81-year-old president faces real concerns about his cognitive abilities. Speech continues to be a challenge as he slurs his words, loses concentration mid-sentence, and flubs lines daily. At the same time, the media has embraced a campaign to remind Americans that their guy has had a “lifelong struggle” with stuttering — for years, there were no signs of a stuttering problem when Biden spoke, and no mention of it by the media.

On that note, Tapper did his part to carry the water on Thursday’s episode of “The Lead,” zeroing in on the Trump campaign claiming the former president has not mocked Biden’s alleged stutter by rolling footage of Trump seemingly doing just that.

“So just a little fact check here,” the smarmy CNN anchor said. “Jason Miller saying that Trump has never mocked Joe Biden’s speech impediment – let’s roll the tape from January.”

The Washington Post published an article Thursday titled, “Biden’s stutter surges into the presidential campaign,” with the following subtitle: “Trump mocks and exaggerates the speech impediment. Biden embraces it as reflecting compassion.”

The newspaper declared there is “no evidence that Biden is cognitively impaired,” and dismantled the claim made by Trump adviser Jason Miller.

“President Trump has never mocked Joe Biden’s speech impediment,” Miller is quoted in the article. “He’s simply called out the fact Biden is a cognitively impaired, low-IQ individual.”

“Joe Biden can’t put two sentences together,” he added. “It’s not President Trump’s responsibility to diagnose what’s wrong with Biden. He’s simply observing what every other American sees, that Joe Biden is a shell of his former self and unable to lead our country. This weakness has emboldened our adversaries and led to death and destruction at home and abroad.”

Tapper took exception to what he said was “a lie,” commenting, “Why even deny it when it’s so – I mean, it just doesn’t matter anymore, you can lie about anything?”

Republican strategist Alice Stewart backed his play.

“Yeah, it’s stupid,” Stewart said. “News flash: whenever you say something in front of cameras, people can use that video against you if you try to deny saying something.”

“We all know President Biden is old, but going after things like his stuttering and how he walks – that’s not what the American people care about,” she added, suggesting that it would be “best for Trump and the Republicans” to hit Biden on policy “and not these personal issues.”

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