Comedian tweets Rush Limbaugh contributed nothing of lasting value – the joke is on him

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An obscure left-wing comedian has taken time out of his day to talk trash about the late Rush Limbaugh, claiming in spite of an abundance of evidence that the beloved conservative radio show host had provided the world with “nothing of lasting value.”

“Thinking about Rush Limbaugh and how, now that he’s dead, you never, ever hear about him. No one mentions anything he did,” comedian Dana Gould wrote in Twitter posts published Thursday, immediately contradicting himself.

“Because what he did had no value. It contributed nothing worthwhile to the culture. Nothing of lasting value. He just made anger. Every day. Rising, blooming & fading like a fart,” Gould continued, exhibiting the exact same sort of vapid animosity and bile that he was falsely accusing Limbaugh of having spouted.

“Then he died & was instantly replaced by a fleet of little replicas, farting fake fury five days a week. Creating nothing of interest or artistic value to anyone. Seriously, what an awful way to make a living,” the so-called comedian concluded.


The post earned Gould over 100,000 likes from other far-leftists, many of them eager to take pleasure in Limbaugh’s tragic death from lung cancer.

These same far-leftists were likewise eager to hoard their own alleged decency and humanity over Limbaugh’s alleged “hate” and “evil.”

We won’t give them a platform here.

These are presumably the same types of purportedly virtuous leftists who squealed in glee when reports emerged earlier this week of black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ hospitalization, and who similarly laughed like wicked clowns following the deaths of George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Antonin Scalia, etc.

Apparently, they’ve never heard the tale of Oliver Crangle, the self-righteous fanatic who spent his life condemning others for their alleged evil, only to discover at the very end that he himself was every single thing that he’d accused others of being.

Those who actually listened to or even knew Limbaugh recognized that he was anything but what his critics described him as. He was extraordinarily generous, insatiably kind and steadfastly devoted to his family, friends and fans.

Even in his final days, he thought only of others, drawing looks of shock and awe as he apologized profusely for contracting cancer. And yes, you read that correctly.

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson last November, Limbaugh’s longtime producer, James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, described the stunning moment that Limbaugh had announced his cancer by literally apologizing for it.

“He said, ‘I feel like I’m letting you down.’ It still breaks my heart. You know … that’s who he was, though. I mean, he cared about his staff. He cared about all of us. This man, Tucker, he was one of the most exceptional human beings you could meet. People have this image of him being so bombastic. All that, the bombasity, was part of the show, and it was tongue-in-cheek and it was fun,” according to James.

“He was humble, so polite. … If you brought Rush a cup of coffee, he never failed [to say] ‘thank you sir, thank you ma’am.’ It was kind of old-school politeness that never ever left him. He was so generous to his staff without ever, you know, you didn’t ask him. He was just generous. He was generous to so many people that he never even met and just did it all without wanting it to be known.”

Who even does that? Rush Limbaugh, that’s who, and it’s this exact selflessness that earned him the adoring love of millions of fans, including those seen below:

According to Golden, even now, over a year after Limbaugh’s death, he still receives mail daily from fans expressing how much the radio show host had affected their lives.

Included among those affected are even those who originally hated him but later came to love him after taking the time to simply listen to him for themselves.

Take this woman:

Truth be told, Limbaugh inspired many. And he lived a wonderful life. The type of life, in fact, that a separated loser like Gould can only dream of.

Learn more about Limbaugh by reading James’ memoir, “Rush On The Radio,” and, better yet, subscribing to his daily newsletter.


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