Bo Snerdley makes Tucker emotional with stories about Rush Limbaugh in new book ‘Rush on the Radio’

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James Golden, affectionately known by his fans as “Bo Snerdley,” stopped by Fox News this week to offer viewers a sneak peek at some of the incredible, tear-inducing stories contained in his just-released memoir, “Rush on the Radio.”

Released on Tuesday as a tribute documenting the behind-the-scenes activities of “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” the memoir provides longtime fans of legendary conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh with insights to who the man really was as a person.

Speaking this week on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Today,” Golden offered some prime examples, including the time Limbaugh overheard him in the newsroom talking on the phone to creditors who were hassling him over money he owed them.

“I guess I’m talking a little bit too loud, and Rush overhears me. I didn’t know he overheard me. So a few minutes later, I get done with the call. Over the intercom [I hear], ‘Hey James, can you come back in my office,'” Golden recalled.

“[I] go into the office. ‘Hey, close that door. Sit down,’ Rush says, ‘So listen, I don’t mean to pry, and I don’t want to get inside your business, but I heard you on the phone. Is everything OK?’ I said oh yeah, yeah, yeah.”

It took a little prodding, but Limbaugh eventually got James into admitting that he owed $5,000 to a creditor.

“[Rush is] just, ‘Oh man. He says, well look, don’t sweat it. Everything’s gonna be cool. Everything is gonna work out,'” according to James.

And that was that, or so he thought until he got to work the next day and Limbaugh handed him an envelope containing a $5,000 check.

“Five thousand dollars is still a lot of money to me. It was a lot of money then. But it was unheard of. And what Rush said to me was, ‘I don’t want you to tell anybody about this. This is between you and me. This is not a loan. This is a gift, because good things need to happen to good people once in awhile,'” James said.

“That’s who he was. That’s who this man was,” he added as his voice grew emotional.

Indeed, despite his demonization at the hands of the Democrat Party and their media allies, those who knew Limbaugh best had always marveled at his generosity of heart and wallet.

What made the secret “gift” to James especially stunning is that it was given before the radio show host had even made it big financially.

“I want you to keep in mind this is before Rush Limbaugh signed any big syndicated deals. This is before Rush Limbaugh the multimillionaire. This is before Rush Limbaugh was on track to blazing success. This is before any of that,” Limbaugh’s longtime producer explained.

“This is before there’s a Bo Snerdley, because Bo Snerdley didn’t exist then. This was James Golden, this black kid from Queens sitting in the newsroom who used to take Rush’s stories.”

If you got teary-eyed hearing this story, you’re not alone. Yet the story he told was just the tip of the iceberg.

Continuing his remarks on “Tucker Carlson Today,” James then recalled the horrifying moment in early 2020 when Limbaugh announced to him and his colleagues that the radio show host had contracted a terminal form of lung cancer.

Limbaugh died of that cancer roughly a year later on Feb. 17th of 2021.

“That’s a day that I’ll never forget. It’s the day none of us forget. I got the call on my way to work. And then he was there, and he told us. The first thing he did was apologize to us,” James said, describing the day that he’d learned of Limbaugh’s diagnosis.

“Why!?” host Tucker Carlson asked in shock.

“He said, ‘I feel like I’m letting you down.’ It still breaks my heart. You know … that’s who he was, though. I mean, he cared about his staff. He cared about all of us. This man, Tucker, he was one of the most exceptional human beings you could meet. People have this image of him being so bombastic. All that, the bombasity, was part of the show, and it was tongue-in-cheek and it was fun,” James replied.

” He was humble, so polite. … If you brought Rush a cup of coffee, he never failed [to say] ‘thank you sir, thank you ma’am.’ It was kind of old school politeness that never ever left him. He was so generous to his staff without ever, you know, you didn’t ask him. He was just generous. He was generous to so many people that he never even met and just did it all without wanting it to be known.”

He was also deeply “spiritual” toward the end of his life, which was evident in how he composed himself publicly during his final days.

“As much as I love radio … if I get the death sentence tomorrow, I’m done. I’m not sorry, guys. I got some things I wanted to see around this planet before I get out of here,” according to James.

“Rush had a bucket list too. His bucket list was his audience. Every single day that he was not in treatment that he could, he came to work and he delivered a show, and the shows were excellent. And you couldn’t tell when the shows were on that anything was wrong with him because his energy level was sky high,” according to James.

Not til about a week or two before his abrupt death in early February of 2020 did Limbaugh disappear from the radio because of hospitalization — that’s how dedicated he was to his audience.

Learn more about this great man by watching the rest of the “Tucker Carlson Today” interview or, better yet, ordering Golden’s book.


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