Conservative member ‘kicked out’ of swanky NYC club frequented by celebs after Father’s Day post

A former conservative journalist was left “heartbroken” when an exclusive New York City club gave her the boot over a “homophobic” Father’s Day post.

Caitlin Sinclair, a former on-air reporter for OANN and current spokeswoman at Turning Point USA Action, expressed her shock and dismay Wednesday after being told she was no longer welcome at Zero Bond, the posh club frequented by the likes of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and Tom Brady, not to mention New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

“They literally said, ‘We’re kicking you out because of your politics,'” Sinclair, a communications liaison of Trump PAC MAGA Inc., told the New York Post, noting that she may follow up with a discrimination lawsuit.

The 28-year-old got the notice days after posting a “Happy Father’s Day” message on Instagram while holding a sign that read, “You are here because your dad’s not queer.”


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Zero Bond’s membership manager and one-time friend Duncan Menaker emailed Sinclair to tell her to “refrain from using the club,” but he later called her to inform her that her $3,850 annual membership had been canceled.

“A lot of your beliefs do not align with Zero Bond,” he allegedly told Sinclair.

“He said I offended their members. You know what? Their members offend me,” she declared.

She showed The Post a “Drag Brunch” event at the club’s new rooftop, saying, “There are members there who are huge Trump haters.”

“I was simply stating a fact. We cannot be born without a man and a woman. I’m not saying I don’t support LBGTQ+,” Sinclair asserted, noting that she’s friends with Caitlin Jenner. “I have trans and gay friends – I never said anything offensive.”

One person described by The Post as a “club insider” believes the outrage is all to get attention.

“She obviously is doing this to try and get famous,” the source told the newspaper. “She got into Zero Bond so they clearly knew exactly who she was and what her political affiliation was since she’s so public about it. There are many Republican members so Zero Bond is clearly not anti-conservative and for her to make this a political issue as opposed to admitting how disgusting her homophobic comment was, is an embarrassment.”

Sinclair fired back, stating, “They think I’m using getting kicked out of a club to get famous. If I offended anyone, I deeply apologize — that was not my intention.”

Scott Sartiano, the club’s founder, had allegedly told Sinclair, “We need diversity at the club, so we’re glad you’re here.”

Sinclair called out the “hypocritical” gesture, telling The Post, “They only want diversity when it fits his agenda.”

Claiming it is “100 percent discrimination,” she said she is considering a lawsuit.

“Why are other Zero Bond members allowed to attend pro-Hamas rallies, drag queen story hour, and celebrate when Trump gets convicted, but that doesn’t go against Zero Bond policies?” she asked.



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“A lot of the members there hate Trump and stood in front of the courthouse,” she added. “They’re friends, they’re huge liberals. We can have different views, but we can still be out and party together.”

Her efforts to get Sartiano to take her back in evidently fell on deaf ears as he did not agree to help “lead the way to showing our fellow New Yorkers and our fellow Americans that there doesn’t have to be this great divide.”

“We stand by our decision to revoke Caitlin’s membership as a result of her public, homophobic Instagram post and not because of her political affiliation,” the club stated. “It’s also come to our attention that Ms. Sinclair is attempting to exploit our club’s esteemed reputation for personal gain. Other than this her baseless claims do not deserve any further comment.”

“This is bigger than me, it’s bigger than Zero Bond,” said Sinclair.

“Everyone comes to New York to make their dreams come true. I worked my ass off and it happens to be in conservative media. And now I’m punished for it,” she said.

“If I went to the club wearing a MAGA hat or holding that sign, that’s different,” she added.  “But I never once brought my politics inside the club – this was my personal account that I posted on.”

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