House Dem volunteers to serve arrest warrant on Netanyahu for ‘war crimes’

A House Democrat said that he’d be glad to serve Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an arrest warrant when he visits Capitol Hill next month.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.) isn’t one for diplomatic niceties when it comes to Bibi, who has become an enemy of President Joe Biden’s party for his refusal to cave to demands for a ceasefire in Gaza.

During an appearance on ‘The Dean Obeidallah Show,” the congressman and the host discussed Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress on July 24 where he’ll almost certainly look to shore up support for the Jewish nation’s war on the Hamas terrorists.

The Israeli leader is dealing with an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court, a rogue global entity that was reportedly influenced by the wife of actor and Biden supporter George Clooney.

Pocan parroted Hamas’s talking points by accusing Netanyahu of being a war criminal and expressed an eagerness to be a hero of the terrorists, saying that he’s “available” to serve the ICC’s warrant if asked.

(Video: Grabien)

“If you want to support Israel and the people from Israel, you do it by not supporting Netanyahu, I can tell you that,” Pocan said.

“I mean, this guy, basically is their Trump, except, you know, he’s doing this to stay out of jail. That’s the only way he can continue. He has to continue all this to not be thrown in jail for crimes that he’s already being investigated on,” he added of Netanyahu, who like former President Donald J. Trump, is fighting off lawfare efforts by his political enemies who want to see him imprisoned.

“But what he’s done has been crimes against humanity,” Pocan declared. “I mean, killing that many people, this collective punishment, the children, the women who’ve been killed in Gaza, the fact that he doesn’t support their priorities of the U.S. I think a lot of us are figuring out what to do. I think there’s gonna be a big block of us that don’t go and probably doing something alternative to get that message across.”

“But I’ll tell you, I’m still open if the international courts decide they’re gonna put out an arrest warrant, I’m available. You know? I may have a better chance of serving him than others because this guy really has done war crimes,” he said.

The war in Gaza has opened up a deep wound between President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Muslim base, not to mention the outright antisemites who call the party home now, and many of them have been lashing out at Netanyahu. Especially after his video this week accusing the administration of withholding critical arms to win the war on Hamas.

The mouth that speaks the loudest for the party, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) also called Netanyahu a “war criminal” this week, a sentiment that runs deep in a party antsy over Biden losing Michigan, and the election to Trump.

Never before has one of America’s two political parties declared war on the leader of a critical ally but here we are.

Chris Donaldson


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