Charles Payne says niece was shot on Harlem street he grew up on: ‘Country is so cracked apart’

Fox Business host Charles Payne lamented how the nation is getting “so cracked apart” as he revealed that a family member was recently the victim of a gang shooting in New York.

Payne touched on the topic of former President Donald Trump campaigning in the Bronx this week as he spoke to “Fox & Friends” hosts Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy, and Lawrence Jones. Payne indicated he would like for Trump to pay a visit to Harlem as well before he revealed shocking news about his niece.

After discussing President Joe Biden canceling $7.7 billion more in student debt, Payne addressed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s criticism of Trump’s planned rally in the Bronx, blocks from the boundary line of the district she represents.

“Oh, he’s broke, Donald Trump is broke. He needs money. He’s hosting a rally to try to con people and try to fleece them out of every dollar that they have to fund his own legal fees,” the New York Democrat told reporters.

“I have a lot of relatives in the South Bronx,” Payne noted after watching a clip of the “Squad” member.

“I’m thrilled President Trump is going there,” the “Making Money” host said, adding, “I wish he would go to Harlem.”

“Two Mondays ago, my niece was shot on the street that I grew up on. My niece was shot on the street that I grew up on!” he exclaimed.

“She doesn’t even hang out there; she doesn’t live there on the block anymore, but a good friend of mine who I’ve known for 45 years, her son passed away, and they were having a memorial for him, and so these guys — the gang violence is on the rise so much, it’s so underreported — so they come around with their masks, they’re shooting crazy, one third floor apartment was all busted up,” Payne revealed.

He explained that after a four-hour surgery and recovering in the hospital, his niece had gone home two days ago.

“Our country is really getting so cracked apart where the haves are doing extraordinarily well. And again, they live in safety and they eat their avocado toast and the rest of us, whether it’s in places where the opioid epidemic is out of control or places like — my neighborhood was being gentrified, but this gang thing is really been amazing,” Payne said.

“I had no idea it was this bad,” he added.

When asked about increasing black voter support for Trump, the author and Fox Business host noted how the younger generation does not want handouts and is “being shut out by progressives.”

“The black male has been pushed out by progressives,” he said, pointing to corporations and Hollywood.

“And they are looking for someone they can look up to, and more and more they see that Donald Trump is someone, ‘hey I want what he’s got.'”

“I think the world is in for an awakening,” he said of Trump’s planned Bronx rally.

Frieda Powers


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