‘Ouch!’ Comedian Rob Schneider’s political zinger becomes a mega hit

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider went there with an election-themed post that went viral.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum seemingly took a jab at President Joe Biden in a not-so-subtle post on X concerning upcoming elections.

The meme went viral, with well over one million views and counting as of this writing.

“Let’s remember to eat our vegetables this year, not elect them,” it read.

Schneider has had no problem calling out Biden, Democrats and the woke left and has been unafraid of being canceled by liberals in Hollywood.

He has come out in support of Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and endorsed him in the 2024 Democratic Party presidential primaries. Earlier this year, Schneider said that Kennedy was “talking about things that really matter.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“We spent five times more than they do in Europe for health care. And we have way worse results. We can’t have 60 percent of the American population, unhealthy, 54 percent of children,” he told “Fox & Friends First” in April.

“That needs to be the biggest story for you guys in all mass media. The fact that children have chronic illness at over 50 percent, that’s a 10-12-year-old statistic. So we have to get people healthy,” he added.

In response to excuses about BIden’s dismal CNN debate with former President Trump last week, Schneider snarked, “Saying Biden had a ‘bad debate’ is like saying the Hindenburg had a ‘bad landing’…”

His ‘vegetables’ post, meanwhile, sparked a wave of comments and additional funny memes on X.

Frieda Powers


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