Democrats ‘floating’ idea of a ‘five-week speed-dating primary’ ahead of convention: report

The ongoing campaign of confusion from the left brought new denials of an idea for a “five-week speed-dating primary” to replace President Joe Biden.

Almost a full week after the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party took the spotlight in an hour-and-a-half-long train wreck broadcast around the world, lasting discussions about the future of his candidacy have given the impression Biden’s ousting was more of a question of “when” then “if.”

Adding to the bevy of fresh polls and reworked betting odds about who would stand the best chance to face off against former President Donald Trump on Nov. 5, CNN correspondent Jaime Gangel reported on one proposal that party leaders were said to be “floating” to find the exit from the necromanced candidate.

“But other party leaders we talked to are already floating the idea of opening it up to all contenders,” she told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, “having, let’s call it a five-week speed-dating primary — maybe having debates between now and the convention — and then leaving it up to the convention.”

“Their number one concern: who can beat Donald Trump, Anderson,” Gangel expressed of the newest in Democratic reality TV show ideas since the Jan. 6 committee.

However, Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison was hardly having the suggestion as he retorted to the clip shared by former CNN host Brian Stelter, “This ain’t the West Wing… we have had a process, millions voted for Joe Biden and we have our nominee!”

Considering the lengths that the left had taken in gaslighting the public on Biden’s declining mental faculties, it came as no surprise that the party would balk at the suggestion that they were anything other than unified behind their leader. One might also ask environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for his thoughts on whether or not there was a process after getting shut down on his attempts to challenge the incumbent before dropping out of the Democratic Party to run as an Independent.

This latest denial followed Harrison pushing back on the suggestion that the DNC would be moving forward with their nomination of the incumbent weeks before the convention to, as Bloomberg had detailed, “stamp out intra-party chatter of replacing him after last week’s poor debate performance.”

The chair slammed the report and posted on X, “Are you reporting the news or trying to create it?! This is a lie! See your own reporting,” Harrison added drawing attention to a May report that the early nomination was meant to avoid since resolved ballot issues in Ohio.

No matter the protestations from the party, there appears to be increased unrest among those working for the administration as sources have continued to leak details to corporate media outlets like those covered by the New York Times that revealed the president’s lengthy preparations for the debate “over six days, never started before 11 a.m. and Mr. Biden was given time for an afternoon nap each day…”

As things stood with initial polls after the debate, while Vice President Kamala Harris had the best odds of any elected official measured against Trump, only former First Lady Michelle Obama beat him out in a hypothetical head-to-head contest, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s name wasn’t included in the survey.

Kevin Haggerty


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