Detailed watchdog report implicates ex-Vice President Joe Biden in alleged Hunter crime spree

Any lingering doubts from those who believe President Joe Biden knew nothing of his son’s shady foreign business dealings could soon be cast aside as a damning report alleging evidence of more than 450 crimes committed by Hunter Biden also suggested complicity from the then-vice president of at least six white collar crimes.

Former White House staffer Garrett Ziegler, 26, who worked in the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy for then-President Donald Trump, made waves earlier this year when he made over 120,000 emails from Hunter’s infamous laptop from hell available to the public on a searchable database.

Considered “a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime,” the effort conducted by Marco Polo, a nonprofit transparency group, did not end there as the Daily Mail covered a 634-page report published by Ziegler that listed violations of the Presidential Records Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), tax evasion, and using nonpublic information for financial gain among six alleged crimes Biden was complicit in as vice president between June 2010 and December 2016.

The information, which was reportedly forwarded to all members of Congress, used specific emails recovered from the laptop to make the case.

Going back to June 2010, the Trump staffer’s review supported allegations of tax evasion via a record of funneling money into his son’s business to pay for insurance and home maintenance.

“I am not sure which ones are a priority and which should get paid out of ‘my’ account,” Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca partner Eric Schwerin wrote five days before relaying to the vice president’s son, “Your Dad’s Delaware tax refund check came today. I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you.”

Communication between Biden and his then-National Security Advisor Antony Blinken, who now serves as secretary of state, that was said to have been sent illegally through a private email address with the pseudonym Robin Ware, was also called into question for potential violations of the Presidential Records Act as Ziegler’s report denoted they may not have been turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration for preservation.

More specifically related to Hunter’s foreign businesses, a May 2016 email copied to Hunter while he remained on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma from Biden senior advisor John S. Flynn stated, “Boss-8.45am prep for 9am call with Pres. Poroshenko. Then we’re off to Rhode Island…”

Screengrab: Daily Mail

According to Ziegler this allegedly violated section 2635 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations as it constituted the use of nonpublic information from a government job for financial gain.

In total, the 634-page report alleged 459 crimes committed by Hunter Biden including “prostitution offenses, distribution and possession of drugs, defrauding government agencies, illegal foreign lobbying and money laundering,” as reported by the Mail.

Breaking them down, there were 140 business-related crimes, 191 sex-related crimes and 128 drug-related crimes alleged by the investigation.

Kevin Haggerty


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