Don Lemon no match for Jewish ex-Trump staffer who won’t give him the answers he demands

CNN host Don Lemon attacked a former Jewish Trump administration staffer, Len Khodorkovsky, over the former president having dinner with Nick Fuentes and Kanye West last week, demanding that he denounce Trump for schmoozing with alleged antisemites.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Khodorkovsky, who is Jewish and a former deputy assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, began the conversation by discussing his descendence from Holocaust survivors, stating, “I can tell an antisemite when I hear one. And I tell you with confidence that President Trump is not an antisemite.”

That wasn’t good enough for Lemon who had obviously brought Khodorkovsky on to trash Trump.

“Do you think it was wrong for the former president to meet with Nick Fuentes?” Lemon asked, attempting to bully his guest into badmouthing the former president.

Khodorkovsky emphatically stated Trump didn’t know who Fuentes was before he showed up with West. He asserted, “[Fuentes] is an antisemite, he’s repulsive, his views are disgusting, and no one of any substance should give him any forum, It’s frankly beneath President Trump to meet him.”

Khodorkovsky began discussing antisemitism from progressive members of Congress such as Ilhan Omar before being cut off once again by Don Lemon.

“They’re not the president of the United States. He’s the former president of the United States,” Lemon contended. “This is not whataboutism. He met with an antisemite. So can we stick to the former president and not do whataboutism? We can talk about those other people when there are issues, but there aren’t issues right now.”

Lemon continued badgering Khodorkovsky over why Trump allegedly didn’t vet who he met with at his home.

“I will give you that. Yes, of course, he should know who he’s meeting with,” Khodorkovsky agreed.

“You say he should know who he’s meeting with, but then you’re saying well he didn’t know. It sounds like you’re making excuses for him. There’s no excuses for bad behavior, no excuse for antisemitism, and no excuse for being the former president and not knowing who you’re allowing into a place where you have kept classified documents,” Lemon stated, verbally assaulting his guest.


“The reason you were invited on this program was to talk about Donald Trump, this weekend, meeting with known antisemites. And whether you condemn it as someone who worked for the administration and who is Jewish. That’s what this story is about. That’s what you’re here to talk about,” Lemon said, belying why he had the former staffer on the show in the first place.

“I’d appreciate it if you don’t put words in my mouth,” Khodorkovsky shot back.

Lemon continued by demanding that the former staffer denounce Trump, “Do you condemn the former president for meeting with antisemites?”

“Let me explain it to you this way, sir. I know the president is not an antisemite,” Khodorkovsky responded.

“I’m not asking you if he’s an antisemite,” Lemon snapped back. “I’m asking if you condemn him for entertaining and meeting with antisemites. It’s a very simple question… It’s a yes or no.”

Khodorkovsky went on to slam Lemon for not having a clue about what he was talking about, “Don, it’s very rich when you’re telling somebody who is Jewish, who has experienced antisemitism firsthand, who is a grandson of Holocaust survivors what is an appropriate way to address antisemitism. Frankly, it’s a little bit insulting.”

“It’s insulting for you to think I don’t understand bigotry and racism,” Lemon retorted. “I understand it. If someone was a bigot and racist, and you ask me about them, I will always say it’s wrong to traffic and meet with bigots and racists, regardless of what you might think about me and talking about a Jewish person. I’m not talking about the Holocaust. he’s a Holocaust denier. You’re bringing up the Holocaust. A Holocaust denier met with the former president who you worked with. That should be more insulting to you than me talking about how you should respond to it.”

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