Doorbell camera captures moment alleged shoplifter was run down by suspected dollar store employee

A Ring doorbell camera captured the dramatic moment an alleged shoplifter was mowed down by a car driven by a woman believed to be a Dollar General employee.

Shoplifting is a major issue in many Democrat-run areas, where emboldened thieves walk into the store of their choice and load up on stolen merchandise before brazenly walking right back out, it’s understandable that employees might be frustrated.

Most retailers have policies that restrict staff from intervening, but the woman was not to be deterred if Dollar General had such a policy — her actions are not advisable for a number of reasons, beginning with her own safety. Some note that there is also the possibility that she could have killed the man over $50-$100 worth of groceries and accessories and that legal charges may be looming.

The incident took place on May 11 in Fresno, California, and was captured on video. A white Honda can be seen plowing into a man who was allegedly fleeing after having stolen merchandise from the store, according to the Daily Mail. After knocking the suspected shoplifter to the ground, the woman got out of the car and began picking up the goods that scattered when the bike was hit.

For what it’s worth, the man began scrambling to retain what booty he could get his hands on, which included sodas, bags of chips, and even a bouquet of roses, the British tabloid noted.

The man can be heard in the footage saying to the woman, “F**king b*tch!”

“Who do you think you are stealing stuff from my store, b*tch,” the feisty woman fired back. She seemed familiar with the man and can be heard talking about this being “a second time.”

While unable to confirm any details of the alleged theft, Fresno City Police told the Daily Mail a “call of action” was made between dispatchers and officers regarding the incident.

The owner of the home that recorded the takedown told the newspaper that he had not heard from the police.

“I actually was totally shocked when it happened,” the man said. “I watched it live on my Ring camera while I was at work and could not believe that I was watching it unfold in my driveway. The more I watched the video, the funnier it got.”

Retail theft is resulting in store closures in some areas. In California, the 2014 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, also known as Prop 47, downgraded crimes like theft of goods under $950 from felonies to misdemeanors. The problem is compounded by soft-on-crime progressive prosecutors who downgrade charges if they pursue them at all, resulting in repeat offenders preying on retail chains.

Online comments to the story ran the gamut… here’s a sampling, as seen on Twitter:

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