Eating their own: Left-wing Pro-Palestine agitators disrupt NYC ‘Pride’ parade

In what was seen by many as a clear sign of the left eating their own, the New York Pride Parade was disrupted by anti-Israel demonstrators who blocked the event route.

Chanting “Free Palestine” and “From the sea to the river, Palestine will be free,” the agitators were seen in videos posted to social media as they blocked the parade and destroyed floats.

The pro-Palestine protesters vandalized parade elements and clashed with supporters of the LGBTQ community on Sunday which marked the last day of Pride Month.

“This year, tensions over the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza also seeped into the celebrations, exposing divisions within a community that is often aligned on political issues,” the Associated Press reported, noting that “signs in support of Puerto Rico, Ukraine, and Gaza were visible in the crowd” in addition to the rainbow LGBTQ flags.

“It is certainly a more active presence this year in terms of protest at Pride events,” Sandra Pérez, NYC Pride executive director told the AP. “But we were born out of a protest.”

Other violence erupted during the day’s Pride celebrations as WABC reported about a 20-year-old man who was shot multiple times near Washington Square Park.

“Monday morning, 5th Avenue and East 8th Street were shut down. The shooting happened just after 2 a.m.,” WABC reported. “Bullet markers could be seen on the ground as investigators tried to piece together who fired those shots that left the young man shot in his buttocks and right hand.”

(Video Credit: abc7NY)

Pride events were repeatedly disrupted in other cities as well as New York, with anti-Israel protesters taking over the Denver Pride parade as well as events in Philadelphia, Boston, and St. Louis.

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), described by NBC News as “the first openly gay Afro-Latino person elected to Congress” and “an outspoken supporter of Israel,” posted his take on X.

“Anti-Israel activists made an appearance in the NYC Pride Parade to signal solidarity with Hamas,” he noted in a post on Sunday evening.

“There is but one problem with Queers for Hamas: the love is not mutual. There is no Hamas for Queers. Hamas would never be caught dead in a gay pride parade because it wants gay people dead,” he added. “Queers for Hamas has not yet gotten the memo. Maybe one day it will. Useful idiocy can be outgrown.”

(Video Credit: CBS New York)

Others shared the sentiment on social media.

“When the left eats itself it is always enjoyable,” one X user wrote.

“The Palestinian protesters in New York are making it clear they don’t want the support of the LGBTQ community,” another commented.

Frieda Powers


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