Vogue features Jill Biden in ill-timed July cover: ‘If you want to know what power feels like…’

Vogue just plastered First Lady Jill Biden on its cover in a crisp white linen suit complete with an air-brushed face devoid of wrinkles, erasing years off her visage.

More disturbing than Vogue’s revision of Jill Biden’s appearance was the media outlet bragging about what “power feels like” for the first lady.

“If you want to know what power feels like, try to get yourself driven around in a motorcade. Flashing police chaperone lights form a perimeter as you blaze down an empty highway, waiting cars backed up on entry ramps as you pass. It’s as if the world is holding its breath. For you. Also, rules don’t apply,” Vogue author Maya Singer quipped in the article.

“At Nine Mile, an entourage of 30 or so are noisily hustling to follow a trim, blond woman in a pristine white suit as she strides nonchalantly past clanging, gurgling brewing vats, aiming for a back office. This is my first glimpse of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden: Exiting the sealed chamber of power into the middle of America, a vision of calm amid utter cacophony,” she gushed spouting nothing less than loyalist propaganda for Jill Biden.

The puff piece goes on to declare that the president and the Biden family always put America first. Singer also called Jill Biden “a great hang” in the interview.

“The debate on June 27 spurred a discussion about whether President Joe Biden should remain the Democratic nominee,” Vogue prefaced Singer’s cover story that was published on Monday. “Dr. Jill Biden, the first lady and Vogue’s August cover subject, has fiercely defended her husband and stood by him. Reached by phone on June 30 at Camp David, where the Biden family had gathered for the weekend, she told Vogue that they ‘will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he’s been president. We will continue to fight.’ President Biden, she added, ‘will always do what’s best for the country.'”

“Whatever happens in the weeks and months between now and November, it is Dr. Biden who will remain the president’s closest confidant and advocate,” Vogue asserted bringing to mind Woodrow Wilson’s wife and how she acted for him after he had a debilitating stroke.

Vogue dropped the story and cover following President Biden’s catastrophic debate performance last week even though the interview with Jill Biden took place weeks ago. It has the look and feel of preplanned damage control.

“Since Biden’s halting, unsure showing against former President Trump last week, calls from liberal media allies have abounded for the president to drop out of the race over concerns about his mental fitness and ability to withstand his opponent,” Fox News reported.

“There have also been reports of concerned donors and Democratic Party ‘panic’ over his performance, but the campaign has thus far held firm that Biden, who already clinched the delegates necessary to win the 2024 nomination, isn’t going anywhere,” the outlet wrote.

Many contend that it is Jill Biden who will make the call on whether her husband stays in the race or not. According to NBC News, a source claimed that she is the person with “ultimate influence” over the president.

Americans have noticed how the first lady assists her husband in getting off stages, walking, taking steps, or getting in cars. At times she seems to be irritated with him as well and at other times, she appears to treat the president of the United States like a child.

“She didn’t help matters with the president’s image shortly after the debate. In a rally in Atlanta, she told her husband enthusiastically, ‘Joe, you did such a great job! You answered every question, you knew all the facts!’ Her tone and demeanor reminded some critics of a teacher or parent praising a child,” Fox News pointed out.

Singer was syrupy in her slavish devotion to Jill Biden. Her open hostility and hatred toward not only former President Trump but the GOP and conservatives in general was also very clear.

“And on the other side?” the author wrote in her piece. “Pick your poison. Christian nationalist, nativist, racist, misogynist, queerphobic, neofascist, techno-authoritarian—they boil down to the same idea, which is that some group or other ought to dominate everyone else. All they differ on is who occupies the magic circle. Or, in TV terms, sits on the Iron Throne.”

Singer painted Jill Biden as the only person listening to Americans, all evidence to the contrary.

“‘You know, Joe’s really the talker, I’m more quiet,’ the first lady mentions at one point, during our East Wing chat. For some reason, the comment stays with me, bouncing around my head on the Acela back to New York,” she wrote. “Quiet. That word. We live in such loud times. An endless reverberation chamber. So many opinions. So much trauma, so much anger. So many people jockeying to be heard. And no one listening. Except, it seems, Jill Biden.”

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