Enes Kanter Freedom unimpressed by LeBron breaking NBA record, calls out his hypocrisy on China

Former basketball star Enes Kanter Freedom let loose when asked by Fox News host Steve Doocey about Lebron James breaking the NBA all-time scoring record, hammering him over his seeming fealty to China.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for scoring the most points in NBA history on Tuesday. The record astoundingly stood for almost 39 years.

That didn’t impress Freedom all that much apparently. He’s far more concerned with James apparently crawling into bed with the communist Chinese.

“He calls himself more than an athlete. He calls himself a human rights activist or freedom fighter, so I was just very disappointed in him choosing money and business over his morals, values, and principles,” Freedom asserted on “Fox & Friends.”

He then brought up James’ relationship with Nike and their infamous labor practices in China to produce their products.

“Obviously, he signed with a company like Nike that pretty much uses slave labor and sweatshops in China, and he talks about all the problems that are happening around the world, but when it comes to one specific topic, China, he stays silent,” Freedom charged. “And that is hypocrisy, so that’s why I want to expose it.”

“I wanted to call him out, and I just hope that he chooses to speak out about, not only the problems that are happening in America, but all around the world because he calls himself, ‘more than an athlete,’ so people are going to ask you questions about it,” he contended.

President Erdogan of Turkey has purportedly put a $500,000 bounty on Freedom’s head for speaking out against the regime. Living with that knowledge, the former NBA star has refused to back down and he has little patience for hypocrisy from those such as LeBron James.

Following the State of the Union, Freedom took the opportunity to remind his fans of LeBron’s coziness with China.

“People get mad when I speak the truth because I’m the only athlete who actually speaks the truth. I don’t care about your endorsement deals or your dirty money. You can NOT buy me #CCP! Don’t expect me to respect you or your game when your shoes are literally made by SLAVE KIDS,” Freedom declared on Twitter.

He also tweeted, “38,388 Points. 0 Morals. 0 Values. 0 Principles. 0 Empathy. 1 Bow Down to #China. Congrats @KingJames.”

Freedom legally changed his last name when he became a US citizen and he has been very vocal about the NBA’s relationship with China since then.

James was caught up in controversy for comments he made about China where he said a former executive was “misinformed” about protests in the country. Freedom has relentlessly torn into him over it. He’s also gone after Adam Silver, commissioner of the National Basketball Association, over China.

“I have been playing 11 years in NBA and over 800 games,” Freedom said on “The Ingraham Angle” last December. “I have never, ever in my whole career [seen] any ambassador of any government that takes the court before or after the game and takes free shots. I remember when my manager sent me that video, I thought it was a joke, but I just — when I saw that tweet from the Chinese ambassador — I was like, ‘This is just disgusting…'”

“When the Muslims are being literally slaughtered in concentration camps in China, you [Adam Silver] are silent, and not only are you silent, but you’re literally working with this genocidal regime. You’re literally working with the most brutal regime in the world hand-in-hand and trying to make money and business over there,” he railed.

“Please look me in the eye and say you don’t know nothing about the 3 million people in concentration camps in China [who] are getting tortured and raped every day. Shame on you,” Freedom stated at the time.



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