Even MSNBC can’t stand to watch atty defend Fani Willis: ‘Is this the best the DA’s team has to put up?’

MSNBC’s Katy Tur isn’t a big fan of Georgia prosecutor Adam Abbate who was panned for his courtroom performance as the lawyer defending embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

On Friday, an exasperated Tur asked if Abbate was the “best” that the county could do as leftists bemoaned the hearing to disqualify Willis in the racketeering case against GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump after details of her romantic relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade were revealed.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution criticized Abbate’s “long pauses and halting answers as he at times struggled to answer questions from Judge Scott McAfee,” suggesting that Willis, who was in the courtroom, “seemed eager to step up to the podium and argue the matter herself.”

(Video: MSNBC)

During the left-wing cable network’s live coverage of the hearing, Tur and Melissa Redmon, who previously worked in the Fulton County prosecutor’s office, discussed Abbate’s closing arguments.

“I’m struck by… this lawyer is kind of hard to watch,” she said. “I mean, as a layman, he’s kind of hard to watch. Is this the best the DA’s team has to put up?”

In Abbate’s defense, Redmon said that he’s a “very good attorney,” and to her recollection, mainly handles murder cases.

“When you talk about these nuanced arguments, I don’t know if this is something he’s used to presenting,” she said.

“I would imagine that generally what happens is the whole team gets together, and they flesh out which the strongest points are, which cases should be cited, how the arguments should be presented,” Redmon added.

“I think as a trial attorney though, you have to be very disciplined and resist the temptation of going forward with your plan, highlighting the weaknesses of the defense’s argument,” she said. “As opposed to taking the bait from the defense and starting your argument off responding arguing to them, as opposed to enabling yourself to settle in, say what you were going to say and ‘then, by the way, Judge, what they said was wrong, let me tell you why.’”

X users also critiqued Abbate, and the reviews were brutal.

The waiting now begins to see if Willis is actually disqualified but her case against Trump has already been damaged by her own poor judgment, and Abbate didn’t help.

Chris Donaldson


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