‘Family before party!’ Muslim man ‘divorces’ Dems, slams Colbert for ‘totally made up’ claim

Instead of taking his humiliation in a dignified way, left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert has decided to act like an uncouth ass.

Recall how the leftist comedian recently tried to mock Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, a Republican, only to have his shtick backfire dramatically

As previously reported, the drama started during an Oct. 25th debate between Dixon and incumbent Michigan Gov. Grethen Whitmer.

During the debate, Dixon claimed she’d met a father who was leaving the Democrat Party because he’d found a book in his son’s school library “describing how to have sex.”

The following day, Colbert mocked her by claiming the father had been “totally made up.”


But the joke was on him because the man Dixon had cited does exist.

“[T]he man, Khalil Othman, told the Free Press he is an actual person and did attend the Dixon campaign rally she referred to,” the Detroit Free Press confirmed this week.

“To claim that I’m not here, I don’t exist, I’m not human, that’s absolute ignorance,” Othman, a Muslim and former Dearborn city council member and State House candidate, said.

“If this person did his due diligence and start researching or has his team do a little bit of research of who’s this person who attended Dixon’s rally, they will be able to find my name right away easy on social media. Just Google it,” he added.

Had Colbert conducted some research before spouting his “joke,” he may have found a Facebook post published by Othman on Oct. 21st announcing his conversion.

“Ever since immigrating to this great country almost 20 years ago, I’ve been a loyal Democrat. Never once did I ever vote Republican. However, the situation with the sexually explicit material in the schools was for me a bridge too far. When it comes to my kids and my family, I will not budge. Family before party!” the post reads.

“I decided to go see Tudor Dixon in Flat Rock, MI and make my own judgement. During her speech, she spoke at length about parental rights and her opposition to sexually explicit materials in school. Afterwards, | spoke to Tudor Dixon and dozens of her supporters. They treated me with love and respect. They told me they were inspired by the parents of Dearborn for standing up for what is right. I announce today that I hereby divorce the Democrat party and I STAND WITH PARENTS!!” it continues.

Ever since immigrating to this great country almost 20 years ago, I’ve been a loyal Democrat. Never once did I ever…

Posted by Khalil Othman on Friday, October 21, 2022

Fast-forward to Thursday night, when Colbert first apologized to Othman but then turned right around and insulted him.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t make many mistakes that I’m willing to admit. But when I do, I’m big enough to admit them. During a debate, [Dixon] told a story that frankly I doubted. This very real person deserves an apology because he says, ‘To claim that I’m not here, I don’t exist, I’m not human, that’s absolute ignorance.’ So I would like to apologize,” Colbert initially said, to his credit.

“It is a terrible thing for someone to deny your very existence. Just ask trans people. Therefore, I, Stephen Colbert, acknowledge that you exist and ask that you forgive me,” he added.

But then his nasty side popped up again, as he took a rude swipe at Othman.

“I’m a parent, and I believe that every parent has the right to be aware of what their kids see and read, just like everyone learning about this story has the right to know that as recently as October — last month — this guy claimed to be a Democratic politician but switched after he lost his primary and packed up his toys and went off in a huff to support an election-denying, transphobic, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist,” he said.


Clearly, though not surprisingly, Colbert has learned nothing — not a single thing — from this incident.

It’s no surprise because Democrats in general keep doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on their rhetoric, despite polls increasingly showing that their far-left agenda is alienating voters.

But instead of listening to alienated voters like Othman, Democrats are choosing to belittle and insult them.

Over on ABC, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said this week that white suburban women voting for Republicans is like “roaches voting for Raid.”

Over on MSNBC, contributor Donnie Deutsch said that he’s disgusted by his fellow New Yorkers who intend to vote for Republicans because they’re more concerned about their financial situation than they are about saving democracy.

In online media meanwhile, some left-wing outlets have accused minorities who prefer Republicans of being “white adjacent” or sympathetic to “white supremacy.”

Never does there seem to be a moment when members of the left simply shut up, listen, and learn. Instead, they remain combative 24/7/365, much to their own electoral demise …


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