FBI’s ‘attack on pro-life Catholics’ more far-reaching than let on, part of Biden admin ‘mindset’, Jim Jordan warns

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan recounted President Biden’s eerie 2022 Philadelphia speech in front of Independence Hall to assert that it sums up the administration’s “mindset” against its perceived enemies right here in America.

The Ohio Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee discussed with Fox News host Sean Hannity the findings in a new report released by his panel on Monday which exposed the FBI’s alleged plan to monitor Catholics out of its Richmond, Virginia, office.

“FOX News learned earlier Monday from the House Government Weaponization Committee that the FBI interviewed both a priest and choir director despite documentation showing ‘no legitimate basis’ for the memorandum that would insert the Feds into churches,” Fox News noted.

According to Jordan, the “attack on pro-life Catholics” was, however, more far-reaching than FBI officials let on after insisting the issue was only in Richmond.

“Well, first, they told us it was just one field office, the Richmond field office. Then we learned that oh, no, no, it was bigger than that. It was multiple field offices involved in this attack on pro-life Catholics. And now, we learn as you pointed out, Sean, that the FBI was talking to a priest and a choir director,” Jordan said.

“Now, again, remember the larger context, this is the same FBI that spied on President Trump’s campaign. This is the same FBI that censored Americans. This is the same FBI, on this particular issue, that went to Mark Houck’s home, a pro-life Catholic, arrested him in his home in front of his wife and seven children,” he went on, referring to the FBI raid of pro-life activist Mark Houck’s home in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania

Jordan told the “Hannity” host that when the federal case goes to court, “Mark Houck wins.”

“Which is – that’s how ridiculous this all is. So that’s what our report spells out,” he said, recounting how the bureau unleashed its full force on Houck even though he had offered to turn himself in.

“The FBI wasn’t being square with us,” the lawmaker stated.

“That is not how you’re supposed to operate in this great country,” Jordan said before recalling to mind Biden’s infamous speech against a dark-red-lighted background.

“So you subpoenaed documents that you had, that you subpoenaed show there was no legitimate basis for the memorandum to insert federal law enforcement into Catholic houses of worship. Then why did they do that?” Hannity asked.

“Remember when Joe Biden stood in front of Independence Hall and talked about how one-half of the country is fascist?” Jordan asked in his reply. “It’s this whole mindset. If you’re pro-life, if you’re a traditional Catholic, somehow you’re radical, somehow you’re an extremist.”

“This is part of the Justice Department that said, if you’re a mom and dad going to a school board meeting, you’re an extremist as well… this is what’s so scary,” he told Hannity.

Jordan noted it is precisely the allegations against the FBI and Biden’s characterization of half the nation as “fascists” that has made Republicans balk at funding new headquarters for the agency.

“This is why we don’t want to give them more money for a new headquarters, and why we’ve formed this committee to look at all the things they have done in this area, and, of course, in the censorship area,” he concluded.

Frieda Powers


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