Female Ukrainian UFC fighter to Putin: ‘F*** you, b*tch!’

Maryna Moroz, a Ukrainian fighter from the UFC, had some especially angry words for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moroz, born in Vilnohirsk, Ukraine, detailed how her family is going to extraordinary lengths to protect not only themselves but the people and land around them as well

“It’s hard time for Ukraine. I want to support my country, my president, whole army in Ukraine, and I want to say we don’t want war. I worry about my family right now,” she explained to TMZ Sports.

“My dad makes home grenades,” she noted.

And to Putin, she had this to say: “F**k you, bitch! I love my country. Don’t touch Ukraine!”


Moroz will represent Ukraine in the octagon during her fight with Kazakhstan’s Mariya Agapova.

“I will be fighting and I show that Ukraine people are strong, and my flag will be in the Octagon,” she said.

Sierra Marlee


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