‘F**k you too!’ Agitated Spirit Airlines worker yells at passenger, stomps off in viral video

A video has gone viral showing a Spirit Airlines employee demanding to see the boarding pass of a Florida passenger at check-in and then telling her “F*** you too!” before stomping off in a huff.

It’s not clear what exactly transpired between the staffer and the passenger at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport that caused the incident.

“Show me your boarding pass! I want to see your boarding pass!” the employee ordered the passenger in the April 9th video that was posted to TikTok.

So far, it has received a whopping 8.2 million views according to the New York Post.

After the Spirit Airlines employee demanded her boarding pass, the passenger opened a wallet of some sort and showed it to her. The employee hurriedly wrote down information from the document.

“This Spirit employee is very offended because this lady said something to her,” the man who recorded the video stated. “I think she’s taking it a little too far. … I think it’s a little bit of an abuse.”

The passenger attempted to walk past the employee who wouldn’t let her get away. That’s when things ticked up a notch. The staff member kept writing and then told the woman “F*** you too!” before brushing past her and stomping off to parts unknown leaving passengers in shock at the exchange.

The man videoing the incident then spoke to the passenger and asked her what she said to the worker that caused her to explode but she just looked at him before walking off.

“Things you see when you travel as much as I do. The passenger definitely started it, but the airline employee lost the moral highground when she confronted the passenger for a second time,” the man wrote according to the New York Post.

“Initially she told her from the side that she had a filthy mouth and embarrassed the passenger in front of 5-10 people. The passenger walked away and just kind of took it,” the TikToker noted.

He continued recounting the encounter between the two women.

“The airline employee then came back and in a way wouldn’t let the passenger walk away. This is a very bad look for #spiritairlines but what do I know. I get passengers can be VERY rude but 99% of the people who saw this weren’t privvy to what the passenger may have initially said. I know I wasn’t till after the second encounter when the airline employee said the F-word followed by ‘too,’” the man contended.

The TikToker’s account that took the video is SightsSoundsFlavors. He also took to YouTube over the encounter.

(Video Credit: Sights, Sounds, And Flavors)

“This flight attendant, when she came the second time, her whole deal was … she wasn’t going anywhere,” he remarked. “And when the lady tried to leave, OK, she wouldn’t let her. She taking down her info, she’s got her info. But it wasn’t just about getting the info, it was about sort of a power trip because … see, she won’t let her move.”

“The whole thing is, she wasn’t to be the powerful one – she wants this lady to not be able to get away from her,” he commented. “And she wants her to think the whole rest of the time that she’s in line waiting for TSA to check her boarding pass, waiting as she goes through security, and then the whole walk from the gate to the plane, she wants this lady to feel like maybe she’s not gonna be able to get on the plane.”


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