Former Disney Channel actress among those arrested for alleged vandalism of Israeli company’s office

A former Disney Channel actress was among those arrested for an act of antisemitic vandalism carried out on the New Hampshire office of an Israeli company earlier this week.

On Monday, police in Merrimack received calls from employees of Elbit Systems, a defense contractor based in Haifa, Israel, informing them that people were blocking the driveway and were on the roof of the building protesting in support of the Hamas terror organization which the Jewish nation is currently conducting military operations against to eliminate the threat to the safety of its citizens.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene they found that the left-wing miscreants had defaced the company’s sign with blood-red paint, the doors and windows had also been vandalized with additional damage being done to HVAC equipment and skylights which were smashed, according to a report from NBC Boston.

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Those who were arrested were Calla Walsh, a 19-year-old from Cambridge, Mass. who has described herself as a “communist” and claims that “communism is the only force that can liberate LGBTQ+ people,” Sophie Marika Ross of Housatonic, Mass., and 27-year-old Bridget Shergalis of Dayville, Conn., a former actress who appeared in the Disney Channel series, “So Random!” among her roles.

The protest was reportedly organized by the Jew-hating, left-wing activist group Palestine Action US which bills itself as “the direct action network dismantling Elbit Systems and the Zionist War Machine,” according to its X bio.

According to the New York Post, Walsh is the “daughter of Boston University English professor Chris Walsh and Mary Sullivan Walsh, a writing instructor at Harvard Extension School, which offers part-time online and continuing education courses, Calla Walsh has received fawning coverage in the press as a darling of leftist political activism in New England.”

The outlet cited high praise from The New York Times and Boston Magazine for her work on the campaign of Massachusetts Democrat Senator Ed Markey, a climate cult zealot who has joined his fellow congressional radicals in demanding a ceasefire from Israel.

Walsh took to X to whine about the cruelty of being held accountable for her actions, a rarity for a child of the wealthy and pampered liberal elite class that inhabits the Ivy League institute of higher learning.

Shergalis seems to have never been able to parlay her Disney Channel acting into a more successful long-term career in the industry. She also appeared in “Liv and Maddie,” “See Dad Run,” and “Dog With a Blog.”

The activists were charged with “riot, sabotage, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct,” NBC Boston reported.

New Hampshire politicians condemned the antisemitic attack on Elbit Systems.

“The antisemitism, hate, and significant damage protesters brought to Elbit America’s campus this morning has no place in our state and will not be tolerated,” New Hampshire’s Republican Governor Chris Sununu said in a statement.

“I am confident law enforcement will work to bring those responsible for this vile act of hate to swift justice. The people of New Hampshire stand with Israel and with Elbit Systems of America,” the Granite State governor added.

“Free speech and peaceful protest make our democracy stronger, but vandalism is a crime. I am grateful for law enforcement’s quick response,” said Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan.

“Elbit America employs thousands of Americans who are dedicated to the mission of creating innovative solutions that protect and save lives. We support the rights of protesters to peacefully express their views. However, what we experienced today was violent criminal behavior as evidenced by the arrests made by local law enforcement. We take the safety and well-being of our employees extremely seriously, and we will continue to work closely with local officials to ensure safety for all,” the company said in a statement.

“This is outright violence. It’s criminality. It is malicious targeting of property and of people,” Jonah Steinberg, the Anti-Defamation League in New England’s regional director told the New York Post.

“In this time of Hamas terrorism against Israel, it is extremely concerning if Hamas is setting the example for people who consider themselves activists on this side of the sea,” Steinberg added.

“This is what happens when limousine liberals who grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth are beholden to TikTok trends rather than having facts on situations,” GOP strategist Garrett Ventry told the New York Post. “The continuation of the false equivalence between Israel and Palestine shows just a lack of understanding of history and morals.”

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