Former high school wrestler takes down thug who attacked Subway worker

A quick-thinking former high school wrestler intervened to save a Subway restaurant employee from a violent thug, using the finer techniques of the sport to subdue the assailant.

Last month, Gabriel Pitzulo dropped by the popular fast food chain’s location on East Hanna Avenue on the south side of Indianapolis, which is close to where he works, when he witnessed an irate individual in the process of assaulting the female employee behind the counter.

“I had walked in and he was visibly assaulting, you know, throwing stuff. I believe I saw him spit at her,” Pitzulo explained, according to local ABC affiliate WRTV. “How I was raised, you don’t do that stuff. It was kind of go time from there.”

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“I was afraid that he was either leaving to get something to harm her,” he added, suggesting that the thug may have been going to obtain a weapon.

Intervening in a truly heroic fashion, Pitzulo grabbed the suspect who was identified as Daniel Saunders and took him down to the ground, holding him there until police arrived with the March 22 incident being captured on surveillance video.

“It could’ve turned out very dangerous,” Subway District Manager Aara Khan told the outlet. “Luckily he was here at the right time and the right place.”

“You can be a hero anytime, anywhere you go. Right place, right time and that guy is a hero.” Khan added.

“I did combat sports for quite a while, so I was completely controlling,” Pitzulo told WRTV. “He (was) trying to bite me and I didn’t want to punch him or anything. I didn’t want to hurt him too bad. I just held him in place.”

Pitzulo recalled the encounter in an appearance on Thursday’s edition of “Fox & Friends First” on Fox News when the trip to Subway for his favorite sweet onion, chicken teriyaki foot-long thrust him into the unexpected hero’s role.

(Video: Fox News)

“It was just another normal day at work, I was going to my local Subway where I go all the time,” he said. “As I walk in, it was pretty hectic. People yelling, it was kind of loud.”

He explained that when he saw Saunders spitting at the worker, that’s when he decided that it was necessary to intervene.

“The cops got there. I helped him put the cuffs on, and they thanked me and told me what I did was very brave,” he said.

The young man who is employed as a welder said that he hasn’t thought about a new career in law enforcement, adding that he has discussed potential opportunities that could arise from his newfound fame after he dropped the violent thug.

“I haven’t really been turning down interviews because I do want to get this out there for the young men. There’s a lot of talk nowadays of toxic masculinity, and I’m really trying to, you know, push this narrative that you should stand up for the people, innocent people, people in your local neighborhood. And, you know, that’s kind of what I take from it,” Pitzulo told the “Fox & Friends” audience.

“All glory to God, man,” Pitzulo said, according to WRTV. “He’s always protected me and put me in situations he knows he can notice that I can handle. I don’t feel like a hero, but I’m glad I did.”

Chris Donaldson


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