‘Good Information Foundation’ offers to pay influencers $400 to make a fake ‘anti-Trump propaganda post’ about Jan. 6

A lawyer on TikTok has exposed the disturbing depths to which the left is willing to sink for a shot at demonizing not just Donald Trump but all Trump-supporting Republicans in the public square.

Preston Moore claims the ironically-named Good Information Foundation reached out to him and offered to pay him a paltry $400 to make an “anti–Donald Trump propaganda post related to the January 6 investigation that is completely not true.”


According to its website, the Good Information Foundation is a “501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2021 to tackle the growing information crisis in America that is undermining social trust, harming public health, and damaging our democracy.”

In its mission statement, the foundation claims, “We are on offense against disinformation.”

And to combat the horrors of “disinformation,” the foundation, headed by the former undersecretary of state under Barack Obama, Rick Stengel, is apparently willing to pay people to lie.

“I should start out this video by saying I am not a Donald Trump supporter so that should give a little bit of context to where I’m coming from,” Moore states at the beginning of his video, before he reveals — with receipts — how propaganda is being solicited by a foundation that is backed by none other than George Soros, according to an October 2021 report from Axios.

Moore says a spokesperson from the foundation whom he calls “Jane” emailed him and offered him a “paid collaboration to discuss some topics related to January 6th.”

He would be given $400 to create a video and repost it on Instagram.

Curious, Moore told Jane he was interested.

He was given a “specific list of requirements” he’d need to touch on in his video to receive the money.

For example, Moore was instructed to say the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were the result of a  “criminal conspiracy,” rather than an “attempted coup,” “treason,” or “insurrection.”

Those involved are not to be referred to as “Trump and his allies.” Rather, the Good Information Foundation wants Moore to call them “Trump Republicans.”

The Dem-run House has not been subjecting America to a “hearing” or a “trial,” there has been a “January 6th Investigation.”


Moore was to discuss “MAGA Republicans” and call Jan. 6 either an “attack on our country” or an attack on “America” and/or “Americans.” Again, the foundation stressed that Jan. 6 was a “criminal conspiracy” and a “committed crime.”

The foundation directed Moore to “make clear this is ongoing and unresolved, not past and done” and to  “show voter agency, turn the anger into defiance.”

Moore was presented with a list of “key” talking points that he should present in his own words, including a claim that “the Trump campaign paid literally millions of dollars to make January 6th happen.”

When Moore twice asked Jane if there were any materials to support the claim, he was ignored and ultimately told he didn’t have to hit that bullet point if he didn’t want to.

“This is the Good Info Foundation,” Moore said. “They boast on their homepage that good information is the lifeblood of a democracy. They further cry that we are in an information crisis.”

“You know the crazy thing about all of that?” he asked. “They’re right.”

When Moore’s video made it to Twitter, users demanded to know more.

“The question is who is actually paying for that, and how many prominent people have they paid to spread lies in the name of truth?” one user tweeted.

For many, the video is proof that the Democratic Party and mainstream media have no honor or shame.

“Seriously… anyone who believes The Democrat Party or The MSM right now is unbelievably stupid,” one user stated. “If you vote Dem in November after seeing this video, you should feel absolutely ashamed.”


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Melissa Fine


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