Gotta’ love NASCAR! Live interview gets ‘F*** Joe Biden’ treatment

(** Warning: This post contains several instances of graphic language.)

A Fox 35 Orlando reporter was talking to fans before the big Daytona 500 race, asking them what they planned to sign on the finish line. One man’s answer was more than the reporter could handle.

Walking up to a man in a Trump had, which should have been the first indicator for how the scene was going to play out, the reporter asked his question. As if he’d been waiting for just this opportunity, the man responded with enthusiasm: “What do you think I’m gonna sign, I’m gonna sign f*ck Joe Biden!”

Sensing a boat-load of trouble for allowing cursing on live television, the reporter got out of there as quickly as he could, admitting that was a “risk” of live broadcasts. “Oh no no no! We’re not doing that. That’s the risk we have here when we broadcast live.”


Continuing with his mission, he decided to search for a “family” that might be less inclined toward foul language in the presence of children. Unfortunately, the next guy’s sign wasn’t “clean” either, and the reporter had to keep moving on.

Perhaps NASCAR fans just don’t like Joe Biden?

Social media responses were largely supportive of these men:


Sierra Marlee


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