Green lemons: EV’s reportedly have 80 percent more problems than gas powered cars

The numbers are in and electric vehicles have a stunning 80 percent more problems than historically reliable gas-powered cars, seeming to prove that once again, the critics were right.

In news that won’t be welcomed by auto dealers who are already struggling to move the relentlessly hyped and more expensive options off their lots, a new Consumer Reports survey found that the vehicles that are being relentlessly pushed on Americans by President Joe Biden and Democrat climate change zealots are essentially green lemons.

The consumer information website and magazine gathered data from owners of over 330,000 EVs from model years 2000 to 2023 about what problems they most often faced with their climate-friendly methods of transportation and found issues from minor nuisances to “potentially expensive out-of-warranty engine, transmission, EV battery, and EV charging problems.”

“This story is really one of growing pains,” Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports is quoted in an Associated Press story on the dismal numbers. “It’s a story of just working out the bugs and the kinks of new technology.”

Reactions to the report included Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who along with many others, took to X  to weigh in on the product that few are demanding but which is being forced on them by an increasingly oppressive federal government.

“President Biden’s insane proposed EV mandate looks worse and worse as the days go on,” the Texas Republican said. “The government has no business in telling Americans what they can and cannot drive.”

“NEW report finds that electric vehicles have almost 80% more problems than gas-powered ones,” said another GOP lawmaker, Rep. Josh Brecheen (R-Okla.).”We must stop listening to radical climate alarmists.”

Others also pointed to the Consumer Reports numbers as proof of the green energy scam being forced on Americans.

The report comes as over 3,000 auto dealers sent a letter to President Joe Biden telling him that it’s time to “tap the brakes on the unrealistic government electric vehicle mandate” that his regime is pushing.

“While the goals of the regulations are admirable, they require consumer acceptance to become a reality. With each passing day, it becomes more apparent that this attempted electric vehicle mandate is unrealistic based on current and forecasted customer demand. Already, electric vehicles are stacking up on our lots which is our best indicator of customer demand in the marketplace,” the letter reads.

“Some customers are in the market for electric vehicles, and we are thrilled to sell them. But the majority of customers are simply not ready to make the change. They are concerned about BEVs being unaffordable. Many do not have garages for home charging or easy access to public charging stations,” those in the best position to know pointed out.

“Customers are also concerned about the loss of driving range in cold or hot weather. Some have long daily commutes and don’t have the extra time to charge the battery. Truck buyers are especially put off by the dramatic loss of range when towing. Today’s current technology is not adequate to support the needs of the majority of our consumers,” the dealers told Biden.

Chris Donaldson


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