‘Grotesque’: Trump supporter Laura Loomer alleges Casey DeSantis faked breast cancer for votes

Political activist and professional blowhard Laura Loomer lunged to new lows on Saturday with a despicable Twitter rant that managed to unite liberals, Trump supporters, and backers of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in their revulsion.

It began with a tweet from Cryptid Politics who noted that the DeSantis campaign is looking “to utilize” the much-loved first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis, in an “attempt to reach out to suburban women.”

The account cited a quote from a Business Insider article which declared, “The DeSantises were showcasing that they have something Trump appears to lack: a wife fully supportive and engaged in her husband’s political rise.”

Rather than opine on the virtues of Melania Trump — another beloved first lady — as one would expect a rabid MAGA gal to do, Loomer sharpened her claws and claimed that Casey DeSantis “exaggerated” her battle with cancer to win votes for her husband.

Referring to Casey by her given first name, Jill, Loomer lashed out.

“DeSantis supporters say you aren’t allowed to criticize Jill DeSantis because she claims she had cancer (I’ve never seen the medical records), but they have no problem attacking Melania Trump,” she tweeted. “Personally, I think Jill’s health has been over exaggerated in a desperate effort to get votes for DeSantis. They even used it in a 2022 campaign commercial which is very tacky.”

As BizPac Review reported, in October 2021, Gov. DeSantis announced that his accomplished wife had breast cancer.

“As she faces the most difficult test of her life, she will have not only have my unwavering support but the support of our entire family, as well as the prayers and well wishes from Floridians across our state,” her husband said. “Casey is a true fighter, and she will never, never, never give up.”

When, in May 2022, the governor announced that Casey was cancer-free, conservatives from across the nation celebrated.

But, apparently, Loomer wasn’t among those who were cheering.

“They are welcome to release the medical records though to show that they aren’t exaggerating,” she tweeted on Saturday. “Especially since they want to use her as a campaign surrogate and cancer as a way to appeal to voters.”

‘You can’t say ‘my wife is a part of my campaign’ then also say ‘you aren’t allowed to criticize her because she had cancer,'” Loomer wrote. “She’s fair game.”

In an election cycle that is certain to get messy and divisive, Twitter users from all sides of the political spectrum united to condemn Loomer’s shocking lack of common decency.

“Holy god,” wrote one user. “Anyone in MAGA want to denounce this horrible cretin?”

Why, yes. Yes they did.

“I’m a Trump supporter and you are a huge liability to Trump,” one user told Loomer.

“I’m a Trump supporter and this is too much,” tweeted another. “Stop it. It’s grotesque.”

“This crap hurts Trump,” stated a third. “Be better.”

“It took Team Trump just 4 days to stoop to alleging Casey DeSantis faked her cancer, in case you thought they’d be less gross this time,” wrote Fox News contributor Ben Domenech.

“I don’t support Biden, Trump nor DeSantis but Loomer here has gone to a new level of batsh*t crazy,” said another user. “This doesn’t help Trump at all, in fact demanding proof of her cancer is grotesque. The people that told him to not hire her were 100% correct and fortunate for him he listened.”

“Loomer is a vile human,” yet another tweeted. “God help her.”

Unfazed, Loomer read the Twitter room, then flipped it the bird.

I’m really tired of conservatives who don’t understand the concept of taking the gloves off. Everyone wants to play nice and tell me I am too vicious, and then when RINOS like @GovRonDeSantis or @SpeakerMcCarthy turn around and stab everyone in the back, people just want to complain,” she later tweeted.

“If you’re not willing to politically neutralize an enemy the moment you know they are trying to sabotage you, don’t complain about it if they are successful,” she warned. “You either win the war with full dedication, Or you lose the war by caring about optics and delicacy. 2024 is it folks. If our guy doesn’t get in, this country is over. Do you care about having a future or being friends with ingrate influencers online? Time to pick your priorities.”

Doubling-down didn’t do Loomer any favors.

“I draw the line at accusing someone of making up a cancer diagnosis,” replied one user. “That is just not acceptable.”

When Trump supporters tried to deny that Loomer suggested Casey DeSantis faked cancer, Twitter’s Community Noted put that issue to rest:



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