Gutfeld blasts Biden, left-wing protesters calling for ceasefire: ‘This isn’t pickleball, it’s war’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and the gang at “The Five” discussed President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel and the calls for a ceasefire that have fueled leftist protests after media outlets rushed to amplify Hamas propaganda.

Radical left-wing Jewish protesters swarmed the Capitol complex on Wednesday, a day after an explosion at a Gaza hospital that was initially reported as being the result of an Israeli bomb and that hundreds of people were killed, a blatant falsehood that the dishonest media reported uncritically.

In Israel, after the IDF did the fact-checking the media couldn’t be bothered to do itself, Biden acknowledged that it was the “other team” and not the Jewish democracy that was responsible for the blast.

(Video: Fox News)

Gutfeld didn’t hold back in laying into the geriatric leader’s choice of words as well as the silliness of the protesters.

“This isn’t pickleball, it’s war,” he said. “I mean, it’s like these are not two sides with equal merit and equal dishonor. It’s terrorists versus Israel. That little phrase really stuck with me.”

“I know that media would prefer ‘brave revolutionaries’ versus ‘evil colonizers’ but remember, it was Barack Obama who referred to ISIS as the JV team so maybe it’s just Democrats that do this,” Gutfeld added, referring to the former president’s dismissive remarks about the barbaric Islamist fanatics.

“And enough with the ceasefire talk,” he continued. “We had a ceasefire. It was on October 6th. You know, you can’t break a ceasefire, wage war, and then call a ceasefire. The era of the free punch is over, Israel has decided, we’ve have decided, so, it’s not your choice anymore, protesters.”

“I mean, Jewish protesters calling for a ceasefire is like the typical leftist pleading not to arrest their mugger because he had a bad childhood. It’s not gonna work. You don’t have a say over the justice that will be enacted because you weren’t the one affected by it,” he quipped.

Gutfeld was referring to the invasion and occupation of a Capitol office building by protesters organized by a radical left-wing Jewish organization that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says “promulgates the view that Jews who identify even tangentially with Israel are motivated by white supremacy, Jewish racial chauvinism and religious supremacism.”

“How did the media fall for this hospital thing? Hamas had shot like 450 rockets in the past 10 days that have fallen short, and they trust them?” Gutfeld asked. “They trust the people who launched the most disgusting, repulsive terrorist act in recent history?”

“CNN, the New York Times, they ran with Israel because you know, the Palestine health ministry said so? This is no small error. This isn’t a mistake like you know questioning the validity of an election or whether the COVID shot you know, might hurt people,” he added.

“This was part of Hamas’ strategy to amplify and magnify a lie to create riots and mayhem across the globe, which you’re seeing now at embassies all over the place,” he concluded. “Are journalists, whether they’re complicit or incompetent, who knows, but they helped spread propaganda that actually puts people in danger…”

Chris Donaldson


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