‘There were whispers’: Dem insiders claim Biden was victim of a ‘soft coup’ because he ‘isn’t fit’

President Joe Biden’s disastrous matchup against former President Donald Trump may prove to be a “debate-gate” as Democratic insiders weighed in on a potential “soft coup” against his candidacy.

As the incumbent’s performance continued to eclipse any specific point either candidate made on stage Thursday night, an ongoing debate carried on over whether or not it was time for perpetually vacationing president to go on a permanent getaway. An added layer of that discussion pertained to the potential of the head-to-head having been a deliberate attempt to speed up Biden’s sendoff.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, a former aide to Hillary Clinton made note of the timing of the debate and who had pushed for it in suggesting the president’s political future was hinged on his performance.

“There has never been a debate this early before. Traditionally the debates are held after the Republican and Democratic conventions, which are in July and August. Most years the first debate is early September ahead of the November election,” the former aide reminded.

“Biden’s inner circle demanded this early debate. There is a growing belief this was a ‘soft coup’ because they know he isn’t fit to govern and have known for some time,” added the unnamed individual. “They wanted to test him against Trump early, while there was still time to replace him if he failed to rise to the occasion. Which, of course, he did spectacularly.”

Similarly, another source told the Mail, “The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. Publicly the Democratic leadership has been backing Biden because they can’t appear to be disloyal to the President, but privately there have been discussion going on for a long time that he’s too old to beat Trump.”

“There were whispers for weeks that ‘Joe’s going down at the debate,'” the source contended.

Fallout from the debate has included public calls for Biden to step aside, reports that he will be discussing his future with his family, and concerns from high-dollar donors that their money not go to waste on a flatlining campaign.

“I know of at least one major donor who has appealed directly to former President Obama to stage an intervention and put an end to this misery so we can move on,” the source told the Mail as other donors expressed their own trepidations ahead of a Hamptons fundraiser Saturday.

Meanwhile, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy expressed no doubt that the debate had been deliberately planned to “whack” Biden’s campaign as he reacted in a video posted to X.

“That was as good as Joe Biden could ever do in a debate,” he argued amid clips of the president’s senior moments throughout his administration. “Before it started, I tweeted out ‘how are the Democrats allowing Joe Biden to do a debate?'”

Specifically addressing who bad the president looked, Portnoy mentioned how corporate media talking heads even had to admit, “And I’m not talking Republicans and the Trump people. I’m talking the Democrats, CNN, just shoveling dirt on him. Being like, ‘He didn’t do what he had to do. He looked weak. We may have to make a change.'”

“The Democrats had to know that. Why would you agree to a debate with Biden — at this stage, the earliest debate of all time — when you know he’s gone; when you know he can’t speak; when you know he’s a vegetable? Because they want to whack him.”

“Because they know he is not going to be the nominee,” he continued. “I said this ten months ago, 11 months ago when [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom…was in China being an idiot playing basketball with these little Chinese kids…”

“Because he knew and the Democrats knew Joe Biden is gone. He’s gone. And they need somebody else. And this is the scary part, like I said, Gavin Newsom is poison,” warned Portnoy. “Gavin Newsom is everything that is wrong with every politician in the world. He’s the guy who ruined California, strictest lockdowns during COVID.”

Along with the Golden State executive, a source speaking with the Daily Mail raised Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as another potential replacement for Biden as the Democratic Party nominee, “Gretchen was the first to act. Now the floodgates have been opened.”

Kevin Haggerty


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