‘Working class Joe’ schmoozes with Dem fat cats in the Hamptons after Waffle House photo op

The entire Biden presidency has been one staged sham after another but the geriatric leader’s post-debate visit to an Atlanta Waffle House might have been the most dishonest of all.

In a phony public relations stunt to show that he cares about the little people and not just the fat cat donors and Hollywood celebrities who are his true constituency, the president and First Lady Jill Biden dropped by the popular late-night eatery where they mingled with diners.

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The disingenuous Waffle House visit is just the latest attempt by Biden to falsely portray himself as a champion of the working class when nothing could be further from reality, and after the photo op was done, he would soon devote his attention to schmoozing with the high rollers.

On Saturday, the first couple touched down at the Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Long Island, NY where they attended a ritzy fundraiser at the Hamptons home of Barry Rosenstein and wife Lizanne, one of two events in the area that the Bidens would attend.

In addition to the uber-wealthy Dem donors, the party also drew celebs Michael J. Fox, Tracy Pollan, Matthew Broderick and “Sex in the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sources told the New York Post that others who attended included shock jock and germaphobe Howard Stern and Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, who had a brief but colorful stint as White House communications director before then-President Donald J. Trump fired him.

You know, folks just like the little people at the Waffle House in Atlanta.

Biden’s debate disaster hasn’t put much of a dent into his campaign’s ability to be a money-making machine and it announced that the embattled geriatric Democrat had raised $27 million after his nationally televised faceplant through Friday evening, a Biden campaign spokesperson said on Saturday.

While leftists and normies gobbled down the propaganda like a steaming hot plate of Waffle House vittles, others with more finely tuned B.S. detectors called it as they saw it.

The presumptive GOP nominee also visited an Atlanta-area Waffle House last year and unlike the Biden’s, Trump was the real thing.

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Some “extremely disappointed” donors spoke anonymously about Thursday night’s feeble guest of honor.

“Everyone paid in advance . . . so it could be an opportunity to encourage him to drop out,” one invited guest told the Post.

“I wanted to go and see the train wreck. I’d rather choose someone from a phone book than have Biden,” another unnamed donor said.

Chris Donaldson


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