Here’s the troubling truth behind recently reduced border crossings

Geared up for gaslighting, new lows for apprehensions at the southern border hardly told the whole story of President Joe Biden’s open-door policies.

After Democrat-run cities were made to suffer a fraction of the devastating impact that the federal government’s globalist approach to national security had wrought, the administration sought an election-year messaging fix. As the impact of Biden’s executive order on asylum claims showed a measured decline in crossings, a new report showed that 7.1 million visas had been granted without interviews.

On the first matter, Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin took to X Monday to report, “Per CPB sources, in month of June, Border Patrol apprehended 87,670 illegal immigrants at the southern border, their lowest number in over three years. Prior low was January 2021 (75,316).”

“Importantly: These numbers do not include roughly 60,900 migrants encountered at ports of entry in June, largely via the controversial CBP One app, the overwhelming majority of which are released into the US,” he continued. “They also do not include the up to 30,000 migrants per month paroled into the US via the Biden admin’s controversial CHNV mass parole program that allows migrants to fly directly into the US.”

Melugin further pointed out that following a meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, suddenly Mexico began increasing its enforcement efforts at the beginning of 2024 aiding in the decrease of border crossings that had been bolstered by Texas’ own Operation Lone Star.

Meanwhile, concerning the roughly 70,000-80,000 foreign nationals being permitted entry into the country monthly on parole grants, an Office of Inspector General (OIG) report showed that between, 2020 and 2023, 7.1 million nonimmigrant visas were granted by the Department of State “without conducting in-person consular interviews.”

“DoS also did not collect fingerprints for an unknown number of visas during the same period,” detailed the OIG. “In December 2023, DoS and DHS agreed to expand the categories of visas and applicants whose consular interviews could be waived beginning on January 1, 2024. The fingerprint waiver program ended in December 2023.”

The waivers had initially been granted as a result of COVID “and to address staffing limitations and visa backlogs.”

As alleged criminals like the Haitian national accused of raping a teen girl in Massachusetts enjoyed release on $500 bail, former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Office Director John Fabbricatore told the New York Post, “This rushed process undermines the thorough checks typically conducted before granting parole or visas. The current administration’s haphazard approach raises significant safety concerns for US citizens.”

“In particular, this recent case involving an accusation of rape by a Haitian national admitted under the Biden parole program highlights the ongoing issue,” he continued. “Additionally, sanctuary city policies continue to provide protection to foreign-born criminals rather than safeguarding law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.”

Another example of the lasting border crisis was provided by Melugin Monday as he shared an arrest from ICE of “a Salvadoran MS-13 gang member with an Interpol Red Notice for two counts of murder in El Salvador. He was arrested in Queens, and had a loaded handgun on him. He illegally entered the US as a gotaway, unknown time/location.”

Still, as the Fox News correspondent pointed out, the low crossing numbers would be hailed as a victory by the administration which could claim “their executive action had a significant impact in curbing illegal crossings, now to the lowest levels of his presidency.”

Less likely to be pointed out would be the GOP’s point on “why executive action wasn’t taken until months before the 2024 election — after the President repeatedly said he had ‘done all he can do’, and after three years of chaos at the border.”

Kevin Haggerty


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