He’s BACK! Tucker Carlson drops first provocative Twitter episode

He’s back! Tucker Carlson launched “Episode 1” of Tucker on Twitter, and based on the response his departure from Fox News may prove to be the best thing that could have happened to him. Seated in what appears to be a home studio, the 10-minute segment was viewed 51.5 million times as of this writing.

Carlson opened with a look at the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in the Russian-controlled area of southern Ukraine, which unleashed a flood of water into Crimea. While Ukraine blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin, Carlson reminded viewers of the Nord Stream Pipeline as he argued that it was not in Russia’s best interests to blow up the dam.

Turning his attention to the American media, Carlson stressed that they were quick to get on board with the talking points and exercise little curiosity on who might be behind the deed. He blasted Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a leading proponent for funding the war in Ukraine.

“He looks like a starving man contemplating a breakfast buffet. The aroma of death has aroused Lindsey Graham,” Carlson said, after showing a clip of recent comments the senator made about Russians dying and the funding of Ukraine being the “best money we’ve ever spent.”

He included a clip of former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley urging support for Ukraine, before taking apart the argument she puts forth.

“Back when they still taught logic, statements like this were known as tautologies. Something is true because it is. The more you repeat it, the truer it becomes,” Carlson explained. “It’s a self-reinforcing reality. There was a time when tautologies were considered illegitimate arguments, not to mention hilariously stupid. Only dumb people talk like that now. Everybody in power talks like that. Diversity is our strength. Trans women are women. Zelenskyy is Churchill. It’s all self evidently true, doesn’t need an explanation, and don’t ask questions.”

“By this point, it’s possible American citizens are the least informed people in the world,” he posited.

Stressing that the media lies Carlson continued, “What’s happened to the hundreds of billions of US dollars we’ve sent to Ukraine? No clue. Who organized those BLM riots three years ago? No one’s gotten to the bottom of that. What exactly happened on 911? Well, it’s still classified. How did Jeffrey Epstein make all that money? How did he die? How about JFK? And so endlessly on. Not only are the media not interested in any of this, they are actively hostile to anybody who is in journalism. Curiosity is the gravest crime.”

Noting that an Air Force officer who worked in military intelligence testified on Monday as a whistleblower that UFOs are real and so is extra-terrestrial life, Carlson added that while you might suspect this would be a big story the media largely ignored it.

“So if you’re wondering why our country seems so dysfunctional, this is a big part of the reason nobody knows what’s happening,” he said. “A small group of people control access to all relevant information, and the rest of us don’t know we’re allowed to yap all we want about racism, but go ahead and talk about something that really matters and see what happens. If you keep it up, they’ll make you be quiet. Trust us. That’s how they maintain control.”

Comparing Americans today to uninformed citizens under the old Soviet Union, Carlson concluded by saying he hopes to be that “shortwave radio under the blankets” speaking the truth.

“That’s how most of us now live here in the United States, manipulated by lies, silenced by taboos,” he said in closing. “It is unhealthy and it’s dehumanizing. And we’re tired of it. As of today, we’ve come to Twitter, which we hope will be the shortwave radio under the blankets. We’re told there are no gatekeepers here. If that turns out to be false, we’ll leave. But in the meantime, we are grateful to be here.”


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