HGTV stars hit back at haters spouting ‘really ugly’ comments about renovated homes: ‘Unfollow me now’

Erin and Ben Napier, the stars of the HGTV reality show “Home Town Takeover,” hit back hard this week at “rude” critics.

For the uninitiated, “Home Town Takeover” is a show in which the Napiers visit a community somewhere in the States and renovate and restore homes for clients, typically families.

On Tuesday, Erin published a video to her Instagram page showing she and her husband addressing a recent spate of haters who’ve been leaving critical comments about the homes the duo have renovated.



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“The comments on my Instagram have been really, not nice,” Erin said from what appeared to be the passenger seat of a vehicle.

“Nasty,” her husband then chimed in.

“Really rude,” Erin continued. “Some of you guys … y’all realize we design these houses for people who really live in them and they really read your comments? You’re not hurting my feelings at all, but you are being really ugly to the people that are living in these houses and if you can’t think of something nice to say about these people’s homes …”

“Don’t say anything at all,” Ben interjected.

“Hello!” Erin exclaimed. “You’re not gonna hurt my feelings, but you are gonna hurt someone’s feelings who lives in that house. You know better, guys. Do better. Be sweet. Like I tell my little girls. Y’all can be grown-ups and be sweet.”

Taking the mic again, Ben speculated that the nasty comments are coming from people who wake up each morning hellbent on hurting someone.

“I’m afraid that a lot of the people out there are being rude and being mean because they want to be hurtful,” he said. “And that’s the saddest thing about social media.”

Erin then concluded the message with a request for her haters.

“If you are one of those people who are on social media, unfollow me now,” she said. “Thank you so much for being here today. Hope y’all have a great day. All of you who left sweet comments, keep on being you, you’re awesome.”

Responding to her video directly on Instagram, most people were supportive of her message.

“Let’s bring back the golden rule of ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all’ back to the internet!” one comment reads.

“Perfectly said! I’m a southern lady living in the Midwest and manners is not a strong suit here. Love your show!” another comment likewise reads.

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Similar support also appeared on the social media platform X.


But there was at least one critic.

“Erin Napier spends a lot of time whining,” one critic wrote. “Just do the show, the utterly bland show. Where the color palette is ‘shades of tea.’ She’s as exciting as plain oatmeal; nothing wrong with that, but stop bi–hing. Jo didn’t care that everyone got sick of shiplap, she just kept going.”


In fairness to the critic, complaining about “rude” and hateful speech is the first step toward censorship.

That being said, this isn’t Erin’s first time crying foul. In July of 2020, she said she’d be turning off her Instagram’s comments section until 2021, at the earliest.

“Feels like a good move,” she wrote at the time in an Instagram post. “It’s getting harder to shoulder every opinion from every direction at all times about everything when everyone is freaking out constantly. There’s too much noise.”

“It’s nothing to freak out about. No need to shove. Have mercy. Show grace. Social media is for fun,” she added.

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