HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’ production company sued for alleged shoddy $200K make over

A couple who agreed to a new home renovation by the “Property Brothers” in 2018 has been embroiled in a lawsuit with their production company ever since over alleged shoddy work that led to health hazards.

Las Vegas couple Paul and Mindy King were newlyweds in 2018. They were thrilled when HGTV’s Canadian brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, better known as the “Property Brothers,” agreed to remodel their dream home for $200,000.

“But the Kings said the ‘makeover’ left them with a moldy dishwasher deemed a biohazard by inspectors, sewage leaking into their cupboards, and a collapsed sink,” the Daily Mail reported.

“They said the Property Brothers have ignored their pleas for help ever since, leading them to resort to a ‘David v Goliath’ style legal battle against their production company, Cineflix,” the media outlet noted.

(Video Credit: 8 News Now — Las Vegas)

The years-old lawsuit is still dragging on as the couple wade through bureaucratic red tape, getting shuffled from one authority to another with no resolution to the untenable situation.

“They’re making their millions of dollars. Their fame. They’re living their lifestyle based off of people like us, that put our trust into them,” Mindy King bitterly told KLAS in an interview.

“They put the fear of God in you, and I’m not going to let that happen to us or anybody else,” she vowed.

The lawsuit was filed in January 2021 in Clark County District Court. The suit accuses Cineflex, along with several contractors involved in renovating the home, of leaving it in worse condition than when they started. Mindy King claims the home passed all inspections before the renovation began. Afterward, that was definitely not the case according to her.

Cineflix is accused of not being licensed in Nevada to conduct the renovations that took place and that they hired inexperienced contractors. The “Property Brothers” are not named as defendants… yet. That move is being considered.

“The couple’s contract with Cineflix states that they’re entitled to $5,000 for each day that issues weren’t resolved past the completion date of May 2019 – meaning they could be in for a $9 million payout,” the Daily Mail pointed out.

According to Mindy King their Las Vegas home on the surface looked fantastic after the renovation but the inner workings were flawed and suffered major problems.

“Yeah, our house looks good when you walk in, because they built a TV set,” she told KLAS who took a tour of the home. “But, it’s what you can’t see that is dangerous.”

“Sludge and sewer were leaking out, disintegrating the cabinet,” the distraught homeowner charged while opening cabinets under the sink.

She also stated that they had a sink on their kitchen island but it collapsed due to the contractors installing the wrong size pipe and gas line.

The dishwasher was not only disgusting but a biohazard as it was recycling water that had gone through the garbage disposal. She produced photos showing large amounts of mold and brown sludge inside the pipes. Safety inspectors determined that the dishwasher was full of harmful bacteria.

“It was actually deemed a biohazard and removed by a hazmat company over the summer,” Mindy King remarked according to the Daily Mail.

“There are serious, expensive issues to be fixed in this house,” Paul King commented as well.

Adding insult to injury, the couple cannot sell the home because of the unresolved issues.

“We can’t sell a house where there is all these deficiencies and not to code,” Paul King stated. “We can’t sell it but if we could we would take a huge financial hit.”

“We didn’t have a honeymoon. I didn’t get a wedding band. We took our savings because we trusted Jonathan and Drew. Jonathan and Drew, where are you? Why are you not helping us?” Mindy King asked.

“When you’re in a doctor’s office, and HGTV is on, I have to go up and ask them to change the channel,” Mindy told KLAS. “We can’t watch any HGTV shows ever.”

Since then, the “Property Brothers” have left Cineflix and have started their own production company. The Kings’ renovation aired earlier this year and their personal story is still up on Drew and Jonathan Scott’s website.

A jury trial has been slated for October 2024.


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