House Committee votes to hold grandstanding Hunter in contempt, so what now?

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress after his publicity stunt on Wednesday.

President Joe Biden’s son crashed the hearing Wednesday and momentarily distracted from the impending vote on the resolution to hold him in contempt due to his flagrant flouting of a subpoena to testify in a closed-door deposition.

The House Judiciary Committee approved the resolution in a party-line vote of 23-14, and it will head next to the House of Representatives for a vote by the full chamber. If passed, Attorney General Merrick Garland will be presented with the final decision on holding the president’s son in contempt.

“Both the House Oversight and House Judiciary committees, which subpoenaed the president’s son for his testimony as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, held separate markups of the contempt resolution,” CNN reported. “On Wednesday morning, Hunter Biden entered the Oversight committee room, creating a tumultuous scene inside and outside the room as lawmakers debated what to do.”

While Biden has demanded he be allowed to testify in a public hearing, his appearance on Wednesday did not result in him answering much of anything as the cameras rolled.

“I think that the American people saw the arrogance and entitlement of the president’s son,” House Oversight Chairman James Comer said during an interview with NewsNation.

“He showed up. You heard [Rep. Jared] Moskowitz, which you played the clip there that said, ‘Hunter Biden is here to answer questions.’ Two minutes later, his time expired and I recognized Marjorie Taylor Greene, she was going to ask him questions, he ran out of there,” the chairman added.

“So in my opinion, the Biden’s are the ones that got played today,” Comer noted.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to appear Thursday in a Los Angeles federal court to face criminal charges on his taxes. The 53-year-old son of the president has also pleaded not guilty to charges in Delaware of lying about drug use when he bought a handgun.


Frieda Powers


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