Two dead, six injured in Memphis when gunfire rings out at block party/street takeover

Another street “takeover” left two people dead and others wounded from gunfire as some warned against attending large gatherings in Memphis: “Send in the National Guard.

Whether looking at politically correct policing or the outright agenda-driven defunding of law enforcement, a culture of criminality has increasingly thrived in recent years. Numerous street takeovers in Chicago and Los Angeles — even in Fairfax County, Virginia — have proven not only violent, but deadly as well.

Saturday, Memphis, Tennessee became the latest example when a gathering of anywhere from 200 to 300 people devolved into chaos as multiple people appeared to fire guns into the air, leaving at least two people dead and six others injured from gunshot wounds, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Videos from the scene showed as one individual did donuts with a Corvette on a basketball court as a crowd gathered around the vehicle before shots were heard sending people running for cover. It remained unclear if any of the weapons were directly pointed at any of the victims.

Another look at the incident showed nearly half a dozen people holding guns aloft before shots could be heard. Later in the same video, first responders could be seen rendering aid to an individual sprawled out on the side of the road.

“We are working tirelessly tonight to identify the individuals who were involved in this shooting,” said interim Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis during a Saturday night press conference joined by Mayor Paul Young (D). “We believe there are at least two individuals that fired weapons during this incident.”

Though initial reporting, including from Davis herself, had listed a total number of victims at 16, those figures were revised down as it appeared some of the victims, including one detailed as in critical condition, had been counted multiple times.

“During the follow-up investigation, we learned that there were only (8) total victims, with two of those being deceased on the scene. Only one of the six remains in critical condition at Regional One. One victim has since been released,” an update from the Memphis Police Department read. “We believe the error occurred with several victims being reported multiple times.”

Saturday’s lawlessness came little more than a week after MPD Officer Joseph McKinney was shot and killed in the line of duty during a gunfight that included a man who had been released without bail courtesy of the soft-on-crime policies of Shelby County District Attorney Steven Mulroy (D). The suspect, Jayden Lobley, had previously been arrested for grand theft auto and the possession of an illegal firearm.

As the social media account End Wokeness paraphrased the position of Mulroy, who had reportedly received nearly $300,000 in funding from dark money financier George Soros, “He ended cash bail, saying it marginalizes & harms people of color.

Word of the deadly street takeover came amid other gun violence throughout Memphis prompting KWAM News Radio 990 to warn, “It would be wise to avoid all large gatherings and major parks within the Memphis city limits. 22 people shot so far this weekend. @mayorpaulyoung’s swagger and soul is on full display. Send in the National Guard.

Kevin Haggerty


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