‘I can slap you if I feel like it’: Judge Jeanine and Geraldo throw DOWN in battle over free speech

Judge Jeanine Pirro butted heads with “The Five” co-host Geraldo Rivera over the bedrock principle instituted by our Founding Fathers that all speech, including hate speech, is constitutionally-protected free speech, a concept the left steadfastly refuses to accept.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Instead, leftist propaganda outlets such as Media Matters accused Pirro of giving a “passionate argument in favor of allowing open Nazism and white supremacy across social media.”

That is not what she asserted. What Pirro stated was that any speech, no matter whether you are offended by it or not, is deemed free speech under the First Amendment. To squelch it is censorship and unconstitutional.

“What do you think about free speech and Elon Musk?” Rivera asked Pirro Thursday. “It’s one thing to be anti-woke, but it’s not anti-woke to be repulsed by Kanye West praising [Adolf] Hitler or Nick Fuentes being lavishly celebrated at Mar-a-Lago, that’s not woke.”

“Here’s the bottom line: if you don’t like what someone is saying, you don’t have the right to tell them they can’t close their mouth and they cannot speak. The United States Supreme Court in Brandenburg vs. Ohio, I go to the highest court in the land, says no matter how repulsive this speech is, America was founded on the concept of free speech. Hate speech is protected. I’m tired of saying it,” she asserted, correctly voicing the whole premise of free speech.

“These people like Elizabeth Warren who says it’s wrong or offensive that one human being should decide. Well, I don’t like that Tim Cook is taking down the AirDrop for the protesters in China, that’s one guy. You know, it goes on and on, that’s not up to us. The thing that makes America different from every other country is that we have the right of freedom of speech which means we have freedom of thought. We are not a fascist nation,” Pirro passionately proclaimed.

Ever the leftist, Geraldo disingenuously asked “are we free to say that Jews will not replace us?” That’s a reference to the alleged chants in Charlottesville by white supremacists in 2017 as plans to tear down a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee were protested.


“You’re free to say whatever you want. I can slap you if I feel like it, but then I will be prosecuted, okay?” Pirro responded, not falling for that stale argument. “Here’s the bottom line: You don’t like it, that doesn’t mean that the woman is prevented from saying it. My God, how far have we gotten from the founding of this nation?”

“Alright,” Rivera stated. “Enough about Kanye.”

The left’s attempt to savage free speech has arisen once again as they ardently attack Twitter CEO Elon Musk over restoring free speech to the social media platform while policing threats of violence.

Liberals are also feigning outrage over rapper Kanye West’s references to Hitler and views seen as antisemitic along with his having dinner with former President Trump. He was joined by Nick Fuentes who is also said to be a Holocaust denier.

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