‘I f—ing hate liberals’: Comedian Bill Burr does not mince words at leftist mecca

A comedian’s declaration before a crowd at the University of California, Berkeley stirred up a new spin on cancel culture and the First Amendment.

“I f–king hate liberals.”

When Bill Burr announced his 2024 live tour that included stops in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nashville, Tennessee, and Gary, Indiana, the leftist indoctrination haven didn’t make the cut. But after adding a set at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre on his way to San Jose, the audience’s reception to typical snowflake-melting subjects offered a chance for some to be arbiters of entertainment.

“Despite the location,” wrote SFGate editor Gabe Lehman Monday, “Burr steered directly into cancelable topics from the jump. Among other things, he joked about verbally abusing his wife, the war in Gaza, transgender rights, and child molestation.”

After declaring, “I f–king hate liberals,” the outlet pointed out the issue was primarily with their hypocrisy before sharing the comic’s take on white Black Lives Matter sign-bearers.

“That’s like if I told you my great-grandmother in Germany had a ‘Knock It Off, Nazis’ sign,” he quipped with a dig at virtue-signaling.

“If you run into a white person who says they’re an empath, run the other way,” Burr added at one point because they, “like making other peoples’ suffering about [themselves].”

Attempting to topple the notion that leftists were eroding comedy with their demands over political correctness, Lehman landed a self-defeating dig at equal opportunity offender Dave Chappelle when he presented, “But unlike pal Dave Chappelle, Burr didn’t seem to be picking a fight with the audience or trying to win some grand crusade against cancel culture.”

“His jokes that toed the line generally served a purpose and weren’t made just to provoke the crowd. At the same time, Burr made it clear he refused to censor his act in any way, even if that included punching down at marginalized people,” the editor claimed and noted the only heckler was a guy in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey taking shots at the Massachusetts-born comic’s hometown Boston Celtics competing against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

Blinded by activism, leftists often miss the objectively funny quality of entertainers like Chappelle who, in his latest Netflix special “The Dreamer,” landed “one of the greatest punchlines” with some misdirection rivaling that of the best magicians.

After sharing a personal story about meeting Jim Carrey on the set of “Man on the Moon” where the star had adopted a method actor’s approach, immersing himself in the persona of Andy Kaufman, Chappelle explained his discomfort and disappointment.

“And I had to pretend this n*gga was Andy Kaufman all afternoon,” he recalled as even the crew was in on the expectations. “Anyway, I say all that to say, that’s how trans people make me feel.”

If it weren’t clear that intolerance of free speech remained pervasive, fellow standup star and Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider reportedly received the hook at a Canadian charity event when he ran a “roundly booed” set that took aim at the gender confused and mRNA injected.

“I really felt strongly after seeing many people, some were in tears, some were you know, incredibly upset,” an eyewitness had told CBC Saskatchewan, “people were just leaving the room, that I just said to myself, ‘I can’t sit by and do nothing.'”

“Within probably about 45 seconds, he… you know started sharing things about, you know, being very anti-vaccinations, very against trans folks, even quite a few misogynistic things I would say so I went up and asked to speak to the organizers of the event,” added the witness.

Meanwhile, reactions on social media to the report couldn’t help but remind you that Burr’s own wife, Nia Renee Hill, had offered former President Donald Trump a double-barreled salute at UFC 295 with her middle fingers.

Kevin Haggerty


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