‘I like being alone’: Giddy fan just doesn’t take the hint from a VERY patient Mel Gibson

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Video footage of actor and director Mel Gibson putting air in one of the tires on his vehicle is circulating online, as the mega-star is approached by a star-struck passerby.

The Hispanic male asked the actor if he is indeed Mel Gibson, and a very patient Gibson replied in the affirmative as he continued with the task at hand. The man then asked Gibson if he starred in the film “The Patriot.” Gibson replied that he did, noting that it was “a long time ago.” (The film was released in June 2000)

“Why are you alone?” the man then asked.

“Why are you alone?” the actor replied with a laugh, turning the tables on his newfound friend, before adding, “I like being alone.”

Not taking the hint, the giddy man rejoiced about how it was his “lucky day” to encounter the A-list star, and Gibson responded with a hearty laugh, “I don’t know, what if I rob you?”

(Perhaps, there was a bit of projection there about his innermost fears about the unexpected encounter.)

Seemingly convinced that his admirer was not going anywhere anytime soon, Gibson decided to put him to work asking the man to shine his light on the gauge.

The request seemed to awaken the man from his state of excitement, as he then stated, “Let me help you,” as the footage ends.

The Wilmington Star-News reported in December that Gibson was in Southeastern North Carolina working on a film he’s starring in, called “Boys of Summer.”

The paper described the film as a supernatural thriller set on Massachusetts island Martha’s Vineyard, and said Gibson was creating somewhat of a stir shooting scenes in local spots.

A social media user responded to the video above to say, “He’s here in Oak Island NC, where I live, filming a movie. Eating at our restaurants and going to the gym like he’s just one of us.”

The actor was apparently seen working out at a local gym, as well…

There was certainly a feel-good aspect to the story as seen in the responses to the video…  here’s a quick sampling from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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