‘I walked right out of Target today!’ Target faces Bud Light style backlash for trans-themed product push

Target is facing growing backlash over video footage showing one of their stores littered with LGBT-themed items for children.

Published on Wednesday by the “Gays Against Groomers” Twitter account, the footage shows everything from LGBT-themed t-shirts to LGBT-themed athletic apparel, backpacks, light bulbs, plushies, sandals, and more at one Target store.


The items are reportedly part of Target’s “Pride” collection.

“Target’s Pride collection features designs from LGBTQ+ creators and touts the retailer’s ongoing work with the LGBTQ+ student advocacy organization GLSEN,” according to LGBTQ Nation, an LGBT-themed news site.

“Some of the children’s items from this year’s Pride collection include socks, baby onesies, and t-shirts featuring Pride flags, rainbows, or phrases like ‘I believe in you,’ ‘It takes all kinds,’ and ‘I am proud of you always,'” the site notes.

In their tweet, “Gays Against Groomers” urged parents nationwide to reject this indoctrination and fight back like they did with Bud Light.

“We hope there are enough parents out there that understand how wrong this is and show them that this garbage will not sell. The only thing these people understand is money. Target deserves the Bud Light treatment. We will work to put the pressure on them,” the tweet reads.

The tweet has been inundated with outraged replies expressing anger over Target’s clear-cut attempt to indoctrinate children with LGBT orthodoxy.


This isn’t the first time Target has purposefully involved itself with the LGBT community for political purposes.

Back in 2016, the company enacted a still-active “inclusive bathroom policy” for so-called transgender people. The policy essentially allowed anyone to use whichever restroom they preferred, regardless of their real gender.

“Target Corp said on Tuesday that transgender employees and customers could use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, becoming the first big retailer to weigh in on an issue at the center of a heated national debate,” Reuters reported at the time.

“The move came after North Carolina last month became the first U.S. state to require transgender people to use restrooms and changing rooms in schools and other public facilities that match their sex at birth rather than their gender identity. Lawmakers in some other states have also floated similar laws,” according to Reuters.

Target’s policy spurred massive backlash, prompting the company to eventually bend the knee by introducing a third, single-toilet, lockable restroom at all of its stores that anyone who felt uncomfortable could use.

Returning to the original tweet by “Gays Against Groomers,” some people responded to it by showing photos from their own local Target stores.


Clearly, LGBT-themed items are being rolled out at every Target store across the nation. What remains to be seen is whether conservatives will be able to force the giant retailer to bend the knee once more …

Vivek Saxena


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