Ibram X. Kendi details ‘anger’ over his black daughter playing with a white doll

While progressive politicians, the corporate media, and powerful teachers’ unions have adamantly denied that critical race theory is getting pushed on children, one of the premiere peddlers of the Marxist-based ideology is promoting the exact opposite and admitting that it comes from a place of “anger.”

Boston University professor and prominent grifter Ibram X. Kendi is releasing another surefire hit for suburban liberals to virtue-signal with titled, “How to Raise an Antiracist.” To promote the forthcoming book described as what “every parent, caregiver, and teacher needs to raise the next generation of antiracist thinkers,” he adapted a section into an op-ed for The Atlantic called, “My Daughter’s White Doll.”

In the piece, Kendi laments arriving at his one-year-old daughter Imani’s daycare to pick her up, only to find her playing with a “blue-eyed white doll.” Over the course of a four-day span he and his wife Sadiqa, referred to as his partner, suffer increasing protestations from their daughter to leave the white doll behind that resulted in “an all-out tantrum on day four as. she held on firmly to the doll, not wanting to go home.”

“We wondered if our Black child’s attachment to a white doll could mean she had already breathed in what the psychologist Beverly Daniel Tatum has called the ‘smog’ of white superiority,” Kendi suggested.

After a lengthy and biased discourse on the history of ethnic toys in America, segregation and the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education and the psychology of the “doll test,” that argued children were biased toward toys with lighter skin, only then did he reveal that he had overlooked one key detail about his child’s toy selection.

On the fifth day he explained, “I rummaged through the toys and did not come across a single doll that looked Asian, Native, Latino, Middle Eastern, or Black. Every single doll I saw looked white. Anger overtook me. Not at the day care’s owner–at myself. Imani had been going here for several weeks, and not once did I examine the toy chests.”

“Imani did not choose to play with the white doll over dolls of color, I realized; she hadn’t had another option,” he concluded. However, that conclusion did not lead him to alter any of his previous assertions because for the race peddler, logic is like Common Core math. It doesn’t matter if the answer is right so long as you explain how you got there.

For Kendi, the answer is always that white people are the problem. His disdain is even incorporated into the way in which he writes the word “white,” always with a lowercase “w” despite it being categorically no different than black.

He insists within the same paragraph that “Color blindness is not an option” before arguing “We can impress upon children the equality of dark and light colors” proving yet again he is neither intellectual honest nor serious rooting out “systemic racism.”

When the only perspective you view every situation from is one of racism, you are bound to see racism everywhere you look. It may not be possible to know what Kendi sincerely believes, as his purported disdain for capitalism has not stopped him from continuing to rake in massive profits for his biased rants, but in his own words, “anger overtook” him at the sight of only white dolls.

It didn’t matter how that came to be, it demanded correcting from him and “changes came.” This is one of the lessons that Kendi wants to push on children as young as one-year-old across the nation.


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