Ilhan Omar makes frantic last ditch appeal to stop Israel’s ground offensive

As Israel ramps up for a ground offensive to clear the terrorists out of Gaza, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) made a frantic last-ditch appeal for a “negotiated peace” between the Jewish nation and the barbarians who massacred over 1,300 of its citizens.

On Friday, as the Israeli military intensified the bombing of areas in the Gaza Strip and as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it was “expanding ground operations” in advance of what will be a bloody and dirty task, the Jew-hating congresswoman issued an impassioned plea for a ceasefire by warning of a much wider conflict.

“It can’t be underscored enough: a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip would have disastrous consequences and lead to loss of life of catastrophic proportions. It would risk pulling the U.S. into a rapidly-escalating broader regional conflict. We should fully oppose it,” Omar said.

“A ground invasion would make an untenable humanitarian disaster even worse. It would not only put the lives of more and more Palestinian civilians at risk, but also Israelis, the hundreds of hostages held by Hamas, and the hundreds of Americans trapped in Gaza,” she added.

“A ground invasion would turn a horrific regional tragedy into potentially a global one. Both Iran and Hezbollah have threatened to escalate militarily if Netanyahu launches a ground invasion into Gaza,” Omar said. “The United States has asked the Israeli government to delay an invasion so it can place air defenses in the region to protect U.S. troops, heightening the risk of U.S. involvement.”

“We have to ask: what is the endgame here? Does a ground invasion increase security and safety for Israelis or Palestinians? No. In fact, the Biden Administration has reportedly warned that Israel does not have achievable military objectives for a Gaza ground invasion,” she added, hiding behind her party’s geriatric leader who could have a tough time holding the IDF back at this stage.

“It is important to note that this ground invasion is deeply unpopular. Two-thirds of Americans and fully eighty percent of Democrats support the commonsense position of a ceasefire to end this horror. And according to a recent poll by Israeli paper Maariv, a ground invasion is not supported by a majority of the Israeli people either,” the statement read.

“The solution to this horror, as ever, is a negotiated peace—with Israelis and Palestinians enjoying equal rights and security guarantees. That peace may seem impossible in the fog of war, but it starts with us calling for an end to the war, for the release of hostages by Hamas, and for the international community to seek accountability for these atrocities,” Rep. Omar said.

The Somali-born Democrat’s late plea for mercy on the Hamas terrorists came the day after she defended her fellow “Squad” anti-Semite, Rep. Rashida Tlaib who faces being censured by House Republicans for her antisemitic rhetoric and for inciting a mob of left-wing activists who briefly invaded and occupied the Capitol complex last week.

In a defiant post to X, formerly Twitter, Omar endearingly referred to the Michigan madwoman as “Mama Bear” and said that she would “walk through fire” for her fellow anti-Israel zealot.

“We lovingly call @RashidaTlaib Mama Bear, because she is loving and protective. She shows humanity to colleagues who constantly dehumanize her and those who share our faith. She loves the people she represents regardless of who they are,” Omar said. “I am my sister’s keeper and I will walk through fire for her. I admire her leadership and conviction. People can harass or try to censure her, but she will never be forced into submission. None of us will.”

Chris Donaldson


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